Experience The ‘Severance’ Activation At SDCC Even If You Can’t Be There

For lucky Severance fans who are at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this weekend, they got to experience the show at the Severance Activation held at Hard Rock Hotel first hand.  Not everyone can be there, so we’ve collated some of our favorite coverage of the coveted event.  Set up like an employee orientation, attendees got the fully-immersive Severance experience on the Severed Floor with the exception of actually getting your memories Severed.  If you haven’t caught up on all episodes, spoilers may be ahead!

“One of the best shows of the year” (/Film)

First, follow this thread to view the cast and executive producer’s experience:  

Oh, the dance-off with Tramell Tillman (Seth Milchick) is one of our favorites:


Here are some critics and fan experiences:



Lots of photos here at NBC San Diego.

Bonus: watch the Severance cast panel with Executive Producer Ben Stiller here: 


And, if none of this makes any sense to you but you’ve come this far and now really want to watch the show, binge the entire series on Apple TV+. (Free trial available.)

Create your own Severance experience at home: the soundtrack is out now digitally via Endeavor Content Soundtracks and Lakeshore Records, and Season 1 is now streaming on Apple TV+!

Severance: Season 1 (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack) by Theodore Shapiro: [Download/Stream]




Be sure you’re caught up on Severance:  Season 1!


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