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Experience The ‘Severance’ Activation At SDCC Even If You Can’t Be There

For lucky Severance fans who are at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this weekend, they got to experience the show at the Severance Activation held at Hard Rock Hotel first hand.  Not everyone can be there, so we’ve collated some of our favorite coverage of the coveted event.  Set up like an employee orientation, attendees got the fully-immersive Severance experience on the Severed Floor with the exception of actually getting your memories Severed.  If you haven’t caught up on all episodes, spoilers may be ahead!

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Wellness Wednesday: 2+ Hours of ‘Music Of Wellness: From Servant: Season 1’ By Theodore Shapiro

We are half way there. Let Theodore Shapiro’sMusic of Wellness” track from Severance: Season 1 guide your purpose throughout the day. We understand that the work-life balance can be challenging and the line between that “innie” and “outie” life can be blurry at times.  Whatever intentions you have set for yourself today or for the rest of the week, please enjoy this music and all the other score tracks from Severance, equally, and have a great rest of the week!

Here’s 2+ hours of “Music of Wellness” for you to enjoy:


If you’re loving our Wellness Wednesday feature, please let us know what soundtrack you’d like us to feature next!