Premiere: Listen to ‘Liv’s Theme’ By Sara Barone From Amazon’s ‘Silver and the Book of Dreams’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Ahead of the forthcoming album release of Silver and the Book of Dreams (Amazon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), we are delighted to share a first listen to “Liv’s Theme” by the film’s composer, Sara Barone!  

The full soundtrack, releasing December 8, 2023, features music by Bleeding Fingers composer Sara Barone and electronic composers We Are Modular which features Matthias Hauck and Nepomuk Heller.

Available now as a digital single is a cover version of the New Radicals’ 90’s hit song “You Get What You Give” performed by an incarnation of We Are Modular, the trio Touring which in addition to Hauck and Heller, features film director Marko Roth and featured guest vocalist Josie-Claire.

Prime Video’s German Original Movie based on the bestselling mystery novel Dream A Little Dream: The Silver Trilogy, Book 1 by Kerstin Gier, debuts exclusively on Prime Video on Friday, December 8 2023!

Pre-save the album: [Digital] 

Listen to the single, “You Get What You Give”: [Digital]


Track List

01. Be Low – We Are Modular

02. Pretty By Night – OSKA 

03. Liv’s Theme – Sara Barone

04. Dream Hall – Sara Barone

05. The Chosen One – We Are Modular

06. Watch Me Go (feat. Leonie Klinger) – Flo August

07. This Time (feat. Michael Spieler) – We Are Modular

08. Invitation – We Are Modular

09. It’s Just A Dream – Sara Barone

10. WAYVY – We Are Modular

11. Grind Prix – We Are Modular

12. Don’t Look Up – We Are Modular

13. Dreamhall – We Are Modular

14. Amy’s Room – We Are Modular

15. Dollhouse – Sara Barone

16. Matter of Time – Stillflowers 

17. I Wish – We Are Modular

18. The Book – Sara Barone

19. There’s A Missing Page – Sara Barone

20. Anabel’s Dream – Sara Barone

21. Arthur’s Dream – Sara Barone

22. Car Chase – Sara Barone

23. Showdown – Sara Barone

24. Dream Collapsing – Sara Barone

25. End Montage – Sara Barone

26. No Apologies – We Are Modular

27. You Get What You Give (feat. Josie-Claire) – Touring


In Silver and the Book of Dreams, 17-year-old Liv moves to London and meets the mysterious Henry and his group of friends, who pull her into the enthralling world of dream-travel.  She and her newfound band of dream-wanderers conduct a ritual to make their biggest dream come true, but it demands the gravest sacrifice.

Notes Barone: “Writing the score for Silver and the Book of Dreams was an immensely fulfilling and unique experience. I was immediately drawn to the story from reading the script and I wrote initial theme ideas before watching any picture. In early discussions with the director, Helena Hufnagel, we talked about how the score could serve as an emotional undercurrent of the story, bringing the audience close to the main character, Liv. The first piece I wrote was ‘Liv’s Theme,’ for which I recorded myself singing an intimate melody surrounded by layers of dream-like electronically manipulated textures and live strings. This theme became the undercurrent of the score, used in different contexts with varied instrumentation. 

The incredible visuals for all the dream worlds were really inspiring musically and allowed for me to be really experimental – to create a totally new atmosphere for each dream. A lot of the score features electronically processed synths and acoustic textures, warped vocals run through guitar pedals, and surreal bells. The story combines layers of wonder, playfulness, investigation, and heavier themes depicting grief and trauma, all of which are explored in the score.”

Adds Touring/We Are Modular: “It was a great honor for us to write and produce a couple of songs for Silver and the Book of Dreams. We had a good time in the studio, and collaborating with director Helena Hufnagel was, as always, a lot of fun for us. Being involved in the project from the beginning of the filming until the end allows us to creatively unfold. We hope the audience enjoys the film as much as we do.”



Sara Barone is a film and media composer working as part of Hans Zimmer’s Los Angeles based Bleeding Fingers composer collective. She works collaboratively with filmmakers and musicians to create unique sound worlds across a variety of genres. Her passion for storytelling and commitment to being creatively fearless enhances the narrative of every project she works on. Her scores have premiered at Cannes, Beverly Hills Film Festival, Holly Shorts, San Diego Film Festival, among others. 

Most recently she scored BBC’s Planet Earth III alongside Hans Zimmer and Jacob Shea for Bleeding Fingers Music. Past credits include composing the score for Hulu’s Grimcutty, as well as writing additional music for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Sonic the Hedgehog, Scoob!, the Netflix series, Hit &Run, Love Death & Robots Season 2 (The Drowned Giant), and SHE-RA. Other credits include Godzilla vs. Kong, Terminator: Dark Fate, and AAA video games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Death Stranding. 

Silver and the Book of Dreams, based on the bestselling mystery novel Dream A Little Dream: The Silver Trilogy, Book 1 by Kerstin Gier, debuts exclusively on Prime Video on Friday, December 8 2023!





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