EXCLUSIVE: Listen To ‘Boy Kills World’ By Ludvig Forssell, Bill Skarsgard Film In Theaters April 26!

Ahead of Boy Kills World’s US and UK theatrical release on Friday, April 26, BAFTA-nominated composer Ludvig Forssell (Death Stranding) is giving us an exclusive taste of the film’s score in the form of the title track, “Boy Kills World.”  Watch below.

Lakeshore Records is set to release Boy Kills World—Original Motion Picture Score digitally on April 26. The score utilizes exhilarating orchestra, electronics and otherworldly atmospherics to create an apocalyptic backdrop to the futuristic thriller.  Forssell shares a bit about his approach on the action film’s sound: “The score for Boy Kills World centers not only around the titular character Boy and his perception of the world as a deaf mute but also around the world itself; a place that stands ambiguous in its location but very much defined in its tone.”

Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions will release Boy Kills World directed by Mortiz Mohr and starring Bill Skarsgård, Jessica Rothe, Michelle Dockery and Famke Janssen in theaters April 26.

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Boy Kills World (Original Motion Picture Score) Ludvig Forssell

01. Boy Kills World
02. Boy And Mina
03. Van Der Koy
04. The Shaman’s Punishment
05. I Am An Instrument
06. Weird Medicine
07. Culling Roundup, Pt.1
08. Culling Roundup, Pt.2
09. Nothing Can Stop Me
10. Boy Speaks With The Dead
11. Family Quarrel
12. You Talk Now??
13. I’m Gonna Help You
14. The Resistance
15. DodoBuns
16. Blueprints
17. We’ll Be Together Again
18. The Plan
19. Arrival
20. Boy Acts Cheffy
21. June 27
22. Boy Gets Caught
23. The Culling Show – Daniel James, Ludvig Forssell
24. Hilda’s Speech
25. Boy Breaks Free
26. We Are The Revolution
27. Cereal Company Sponsored Mass Murder
28. Boy Gets A Sword
29. You’re Not Real
30. Boy In Elevator
31. Enter The Bunker
32. Execution
33. All Five Fingers At Once
34. Allies
35. Siblings
36. The Shaman’s Revenge
37. The Boy And The Shaman
38. Our Magical Perfect Place
39. Boy Comes Home
40. FROSTY PUFFS – Elspeth Bawden, Ludvig Forssell 

Furthermore, Forssell says, “The score aims to capture this multifaceted place along with the film’s fast paced story by incorporating a vast array of musical approaches and by melding instruments and players from every corner of the globe to create an all out original ‘Boy Kills World’ sound.” 

From the producers of Evil Dead and Barbarian, Boy Kills World opens in US, UK and Ireland cinemas on Friday, April 26, 2024.  [Get tickets]


Ludvig Forssell is a puzzle solver, and the aural mastermind behind several blockbusters by the cinematic game auteur Hideo Kojima—including Death Stranding, the mystery-soaked phenomenon that was widely hailed as a masterpiece when it came out in 2019. Forssell’s textural, otherworldly score won multiple accolades, and he was nominated at the BAFTAS for both best music and audio awards. As the former in-house audio director and composer for Kojima Productions, he helped conceive the game’s entire sound world from the ground up.

Previously at Konami, Forssell was the lead composer on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015), which The Guardian called the “greatest stealth game ever made.” “Like movies,” series creator Kojima said, “I think sound is 80 percent of it.”


Growing up in the northern Swedish town of Umeå, Forssell joined his first band at age eight—singing music by heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath. He soon started writing his own songs, and he became obsessed with Japanese pop culture. After graduating from a music high school in Sweden, he moved to Tokyo and studied the art of game scoring. He quickly landed a job at Konami, and his game-scoring career took off like a rocket.


Forssell has his sights set on even more types of media and visual storytelling—but it all comes back to solving puzzles. “Writing music for anything is never a given for me,” he says. “The real fun part, the magic, is finding the solutions to these puzzles.”

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