Saw Week: Saw Trivia + Charlie Clouser’s Saw Anthology, Volume 1 & Volume 2 Soundtrack

Hello, everyone.  It’s time to play a game.  To celebrate the coming of Saw X in theaters Friday, September 29, we’re revisiting the previous films and soundtracks from this hugely successful film franchise this week as part of #SawTenber!  Test your Saw trivia.  Should we give out a prize?  Add to your digital soundtrack collection.  Let’s go!  Be sure to subscribe to follow along this week for all things Saw.

Test Your Saw Trivia

Trivia Question No. 1:

How old is the Saw film franchise?  
(Comment your answer below!  No cheating…)

Saw Anthology: Volume 1 & Volume 2: 



Saw Anthology Volume 1 & Volume 2 was released digitally in 2017, followed by the two double-LP vinyl pressings in 2018 (now sold out), Lakeshore Records worked with composer Charlie Clouser to compile key score cues across all the Saw movies at the time for the essential listening experience.  At 34 tracks and 32 tracks, respectively, both albums provide about two hours of continuous score.  To add to your trivia knowledge: the vinyl was released exclusively at FYE.

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Lionsgate presents Saw X, in theaters Friday, September 29!

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