Orbital’s ‘The Pentaverate’ Soundtrack Vinyl Hits Shelves This August!

“The fast paced electro beat offers a thrilling score that is sure to catch the viewers’ attention” – MXDWN

Pioneering electronic duo Orbital is set to release their The Pentaverate soundtrack on vinyl this summer!  Featuring a 2xLP ‘Metallic Gold W /Black Smoke’ vinyl, this package is expected to be a collectible item for Orbital fans!  While the advance pre-order on the Lakeshore webshop is already sold out, the record will hit retailer shelves on August 25.  Keep reading for more details about the vinyl package, preview the album, and more.

Double LP on Metallic Gold & Black Vinyl, with Full Color Gatefold Jacket and Inserts

* Music by UK pioneering electronic duo Orbital (Paul & Phil Hartnoll) (Peaky Blinders, Pusher, Tormented, Keen Eddie, Octane)


Track Listing:

Side A – 17:38 Mins

Professor Clark Arrives
The Box – Theme
Ken and Reilly at C.A.C.A.
Drug Cart Ride
Pent TV – Ident 1
Introducing Mentor
Approaching Niagara
Donet Makes Your Brown Eyes Blue
The Musk
The Maester
Pool Table Stand off
Ken Enters the Pentaverate
Let’s Make Some Waves

Side B 14:35 Mins

The Demetrius Protocols
I’m a Free Man!
Skip Arrives
Pent TV – News Bed
The Spare Key
The Red Robes
Pent TV – Ident 2
Ken’s Turning Point
The Box – Sting Horn
27. Hall of Mirrors

Side C 14:19 Mins

28. The Box 3
29. Ken on Trial
30. Bruce Takes Control
31. Patty to the rescue!
32. War Council
33. I’m Sorry
34. Bruce’s Plan
35. Enter Mentor
36. Mentor Reboot
37. Murder Montage

Side D 17:24 Mins

38. Pent TV – Ident 3
39. I’m Just a Local News Guy
40. Reilly all along
41. Lakeside Conversation
42. Get the Canadian!
43. The People Are Too Stupid
44. Charge of the Liechtenstein Guard
45. Don’t Move or the Sheila Gets It!
46. The World Has Changed
47. Pent TV – Orange Alert
48. The Box – Ken into Kentor
49. Kentor Start up
50. The Box – The Septaverate


From the mind of Mike Myers: stream The Pentaverate now on Netflix!



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