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From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition DVD Out Now Ft. Score By Gary Numan & Ade Fenton +DVD Giveaway!

The purpose of a movie score is to complete and even enrich the movie, to give it the life or heart it might be missing. The world depicted in “From inside” is broken, hopeless and disturbing. The main character is alive and caring. The scores mirror that: the sounds are either broken twisted and weird or quiet and melodic. -Read the full review at SoundtrackDreams.com

Lakeshore Records is excited to release the DVD to From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition — available now.  Stay tuned: the movie will also be available on iTunes and on Hulu.  This special edition of the award-winning animated feature, From Insidewritten and directed by John Bergin, is scored by music icon Gary Numan and music producer Ade Fenton.  Full-length songs from the film score are available on the album, From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).  To celebrate the film’s release, we are giving away free DVDs to five (5) lucky movie fans.  See contest details below.

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From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition

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From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes (US) | iTunes (UK) | Buy CD


From Inside DVD Giveaway

Five lucky movie fans will receive a free DVD of From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition.

Here’s how to enter:

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-You must do both #1 and #2 to be entered for the drawing.  If you are already a subscriber, please indicate in your comment below.
-Giveaway open to U.S. residents 13 and over.
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-No purchase necessarily to enter or win this giveaway.

Entry Deadline Extended: 6 p.m. PST on Sunday, November 2.  Good luck!

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The Illustrious History Behind ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ & John Bergin’s ‘From Inside’

It took John Bergin two years to illustrate the 360-page graphic novel on which From Inside, the film, is based.  From Inside, the epic graphic novel, was originally published in 1994 by Tundra/Kitchen Sink Press. A ground-breaking comic for its time, From Inside‘s publisher was also breaking new ground.  John Bergin explains: “Tundra was a comic book publishing company founded in 1990 by Kevin Eastman (creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, current editor of Heavy Metal Magazine). Kevin’s goal was to establish a place where comic book artists would retain complete creative control over their books.

Lakeshore Records: John Bergin's Graphic Novel, From Inside (Tundra)

This was the early-’90s, so creator-owned books weren’t a new idea, but Tundra made it policy by adhering to the Creator’s Bill of Rights – a document which was drafted in the late ’80s as a guide to help creators retain ownership of their work.  Kevin was one of the signatories of the Bill.  As a co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he was in a position to put the ideals of the Bill into action.  Amazing books saw the light of day thanks to Tundra.  Notable works include James O’Barr’s The Crow, Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell, Dave McKean’s Cages, Rick Veitch’s The Maximortal, and Scott McCould’s seminal Understanding Comics.  James O’Barr and I worked together at Tundra with our own books as well as a comics and fiction anthology we edited together called Bone Saw.

John Bergin Explains the Mystery Behind “The Leviathan”

Unique award-winning animation utilizes panels from the original comic book combined with 3-D models, props and practical effects. The result is an adaptation with its “bookness” more intact than any other book adapted to film.

Based on the epic graphic novel by John Bergin, From Inside is the story of Cee, a young pregnant woman who finds herself on a damaged train traversing its way across a post-apocalyptic landscape. War, famine and a mysterious plague threaten the train’s passengers as they search for a new home.

From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition will be released on DVD this fall.  Watch this teaser trailer for a sample of what’s to come.



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9 Sneak Peeks At ‘From Inside’ – The Highly-Anticipated Animated Film Scored By Gary Numan & Ade Fenton

To give you a taste of the forthcoming From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition DVD release by Lakeshore Records, we’ve been granted access to 9 film stills, taken from the animated feature. Director John Bergin spent many months illustrating, painting and rendering the animated film which has garnered top awards at multiple film festivals around the world. Take a sneak peek at scenes from the film, scored by music icon Gary Numan and music producer Ade Fenton.

Watch the teaser trailer at FromInsideMovie.com.  Don’t miss a beat: subscribe to Film Music Daily!

From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition Director John Bergin Reveals The Mystery Of The Film’s Leviathan

This fall, Lakeshore Records will release the DVD of the film, From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition, scored by music icon Gary Numan and Music Producer Ade Fenton. The key art was created by the film’s writer/director, John Bergin, a veteran illustrator and writer who has spent his career pushing the boundaries in the comic book, animation, and screenwriting worlds.

Film Music Daily caught up with Mr. Bergin to ask a few questions about the From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition movie poster.

Lakeshore Records: From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition Key Art From The Film

The poster depicts a scene from the movie?

Yes.  The giant bio-mechanical creature featured in the illustration is called The Leviathan. You could say that it represents inevitability.  Like death, it is a massive unstoppable force barreling down on the story’s heroine, Cee.  It is completely indifferent to her plight.  Through most of the story, The Leviathan looks like what you see in the poster, but it transforms near the end of the story when Cee realizes inevitability isn’t necessarily dark.  It’s just nature.  Life.

How did you create the artwork?

Like every image in the film, I started with the original art from the graphic novel; a 14” x 17” charcoal drawing on illustration board with oil glazes.  I scan the originals and work over them digitally.  Photoshop, Maya, Cinema 4D, etc.

Lakeshore Records: Key Art Poster, From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition Film

Have you made other movie posters?  Do you enjoy this sort of work?

Yes, I’ve made many, many posters!  I’ve designed and illustrated hundreds of book and album covers.  Movie posters are very similar to making book covers and album covers. The challenge is to distill a story or concept into a single image.  Sometimes it’s a certain scene, sometimes it’s a single design element — like a color or a logo — that sums up an entire listening experience or a complex story.  On one hand you need to give the audience a clear indication of what they’re in for; on the other hand, I love making album covers and posters that tweak expectations with unexpected elements.  It could be a typeface or tone that, at first glance, seems completely out of place, but rewards the viewer with a nice “A-ha! Now, I get it!” moment after experiencing the story or music.

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What are you working on now?

I have a new comic coming out soon. It’s called Wednesday. The book is being scored with two soundtrack albums by Geno Lenardo (Filter) and Daniel Davies (Year Long Disaster), who recently did the soundtrack for I, Frankenstein.

Where can we see more of your work?

I have a little gallery at stompbox13.com. You can check out my books there, too.

From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition scored by Gary Numan and Ade Fenton will premiere Fall 2014.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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Composer Ade Fenton Takes Us Inside His Studio

Recently, Composer Ade Fenton was featured in MusicRadar as part of their “Me in my studio” interview series:

“As a solo artist and remixer he’s released some 30 EPs, and one full length album, of club-ready techno on his own Advanced and Perverter labels, along with imprints including Potential, Ground, Submission and Impact Materials. He’s also worked as producer and remixer for acts including Slash and The Duke Spirit, alongside regular composition work for film and TV.  In recent years, however, Fenton has possibly been best known as a regular collaborator of electronic icon Gary Numan, having co-produced Numan’s past four albums, including 2013’s acclaimed Splinter.”  Check out the rest of the interview at MusicRadar.

Lakeshore Records‘ forthcoming score for Director John Bergin’s From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition is produced by Gary Numan and Ade Fenton .  The teaser trailer premiered this week during SXSW.


Photo: Ed Fielding