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Happy April Fool’s Day: Adam Wingard Presents ‘The Guest 2’ Soundtrack!

The Guest 2 Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack to an imagined sequel—a film that does not exist. 2014’s The Guest, directed by Adam Wingard, written by Simon Barrett, and starring Dan Stevens as “David,” tells the story of a kind soldier who befriends a grieving family. After a series of mysterious deaths, the teen family members discover the soldier who seems so warm and caring is actually an unstoppable killing machine. For the imagined sequel, Wingard sketched-out story details and enlisted 11 bands to tell the story through the medium of music. Through a wide range of song styles and tones—coupled with very specific song titles and a stunning album cover illustration—we learn what became of David, Anna, Brendan and Major Carver after the events of The Guest.  View full album details below.

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The ‘Mr. Robot’ Vol. 3 Soundtrack Vinyl Artwork Revealed!

Fans of “Mr. Robot” will be delighted to know a vinyl pressing of Mac Quayle’s Season 2 score, Vol. 3, is now available!  Debuted today at Modern Vinyl is the rad artwork and packaging created by award-winning Art Director John Bergin.  You can now view full album and order details of the Lakeshore Webshop edition in red/black splatter (pictured above) here.

‘Web-Shop Variant’ Red/Black Splatter Vinyl

Package Includes:

  • Double LP Gatefold Insert (11” x 11”)
  • Poster (11” x 22”)
  • Liner notes by Mac Quayle
  • Artwork in style of late 80s / early 90s 16bit video games.
  • A continuation of the concept of Season One soundtrack albums.
  • Custom original art by John Bergin


Side A:
01. 2.0_1-s4ve-the-w0rld.act
02. 2.0_2-FuxSocy.sln
03. 2.0_3-j0urnaling.iv
04. 2.0_4-control-1s-an-illusion.amr
05. 2.0_5-infiniteloop0finsanity.vox
06. 2.0_6-madame3xecutioner.oga

Side B:
07. 2.0_7-jester-actual.dss
08. 2.0_8-confid3nce.dct
09. 2.0_9-unexpectedpresents.m4b
10. 2.0_10-masktakesover.sln
11. 2.0_11-music-b0x.mmf
12. 2.1_1-prisoner-of-paranoia.ivs

Side C:
13. 2.2_1-hidinginplainsight.awb
14. 2.2_2-annihil4tion.dct
15. 2.2_3-existence.opus
16. 2.2_4-mightbe0wned.tta
17. 2.2_5-divinity.iklax

Side D:
18. 2.3_1-steel-v4lley.webm
19. 2.3_2-di3with4nswers.dvf
20. 2.3_3-fuckgutinstinct.act
21. 2.3_4-midland-city.oga
22. 2.3_5-pun1shm3nt.ape
23. 2.4_1-heartworm.3gp
24. 2.4_2-m4ster-s1ave.msv

ALSO: Invada will release two options — 180-gram heavyweight black, plus clear vinyl with red & white splatter — for purchase outside of North America. Lakeshore will have a 140-gram transparent red.  Available on or around Dec 8.

Mr. Robot Season 3 debuts Wednesday, October 11 at 10/9c on USA Network.

‘The Rise Of The Synths’ Companion Album Vinyl Artwork Revealed! | Vehlinggo

Vinyl details of the highly-anticipated vinyl release of The Rise of  The Synths (The Companion Album) have been revealed!  This release follows the digital version of the various artist companion album (out now on Lakeshore Records) featuring tracks by Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne, Carpenter Brut, Dance With The Dead, OGRE, Lazerhawk, Mega Drive, Voyag3r, Chrome Canyon, Gunship, Power Glove, Com Truise, Robert Parker, Waveshaper, and Code Elektro from both EP 1 and EP 2 album releases, this lustworthy purple vinyl release also features additional music from Daniel Davies, Geno Lenardo and John Bergin.  See the full album track list and more at Vehlinggo.

Pre-order the album at LakeshoreRecordsShop.com

Fans who are awaiting the vinyl featured in the film’s Indiegogo campaign will have to hang on a while longer as that is a separate album expected to feature score from the film.

Here’s a taste of what to expect on the album:


Follow the progress of The Rise of The Synths documentary on Twitter.


Stranger Things Vol 2 LP Wins Best Package Design At Communication Arts’ 58th Annual Design Competition!

Lakeshore Records congratulates Team Stranger Things and Lakeshore Art Director John Bergin on their Best Design in the Package Design category win at this year’s Communication Arts design competition!  One hundred and fifty-one projects were selected by a jury of creative professionals; 3,877 entries were submitted to the competition.

The selected projects will be reproduced in the September/October 2017 issue of Communication Arts. More than 30,000 copies of the issue will be distributed worldwide assuring important exposure to the creators and publishers of these award-winning projects.

“The goal of the LP design was to capture the 1980s aesthetic of the show, characterized by hand-drawn artwork, glowing graphic elements, and quintessential fonts of the ’80s. Heavy use of black and empty space was employed to heighten the feeling of isolation and danger experienced by the show’s protagonist, Eleven, while lost in the The Upside Down. Smokey textured vinyl also recalls the dark alternate dimension.” – John Bergin

The cultural phenomenon that is Stranger Things is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.  Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s  double GRAMMY®-nominated score on the Stranger Things Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 soundtrack vinyl (Clear with Black Smoke SOLD OUT) is available now in other vinyl variants at the Lakeshore webshop here.  

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EXCLUSIVE! The Stranger Things Soundtrack Gets A Special Cassette Release | Pitchfork

Stranger Things Soundtrack on Cassette | Lakeshore Records

Ahead of the Stranger Things one-year anniversary, Lakeshore Records is thrilled to announce the release of a special cassette edition of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein’s double GRAMMY®-nominated score!  It will be made available exclusively at Urban Outfitters — see full album art reveal and details now at Pitchfork!  The album art was adapted and designed by our own Art Director, John Bergin.  Will you be snagging a copy for yourself?

Also Available Now: [Download Vol 1][Download Vol 2][Buy GLITD/Black Vinyl][Buy CD][Stream]

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