Happy April Fool’s Day: Adam Wingard Presents ‘The Guest 2’ Soundtrack!

The Guest 2 Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack to an imagined sequel—a film that does not exist. 2014’s The Guest, directed by Adam Wingard, written by Simon Barrett, and starring Dan Stevens as “David,” tells the story of a kind soldier who befriends a grieving family. After a series of mysterious deaths, the teen family members discover the soldier who seems so warm and caring is actually an unstoppable killing machine. For the imagined sequel, Wingard sketched-out story details and enlisted 11 bands to tell the story through the medium of music. Through a wide range of song styles and tones—coupled with very specific song titles and a stunning album cover illustration—we learn what became of David, Anna, Brendan and Major Carver after the events of The Guest.  View full album details below.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Adam Wingard Presents
The Guest 2
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
01. Ident / Swerve and Steer – OGRE Sound
02. The Guest Returns – Steve Moore
03. Love, Extended – Majeure
04. Old Habits – Makeup And Vanity Set
05. Hardwired – Jordan F
06. Just Run – Ghost Cop
07. Grim Showdown – Adam Wingard
08. Carver’s War Machine – John Bergin
09. The Core of the Night – Ainoma
10. You’ve Got The Armory, I’ve Got The Time – Xander Harris
11. Heatflow – Lone Runner
12. David vs. The Splinters of the Cross – Steve Moore

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