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Academy Award Nominee Nicholas Britell On The Many Sounds of Love (‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Film Score) | Pop Matters

Britell found inspiration to write sweeping melodies that exalt the nobility of the human spirit, capture the ecstasy of first love, and also pierce the heart when they touch on the unkindest aspects of our nature. – Popmatters

If you went to see Barry Jenkins’ new film, If Beale Street Could Talk, last weekend, then you’ve likely fallen in love with Academy Award®-nominated Composer Nicholas Britell’s evocative score.  Critics can’t stop talking about it (we don’t blame them), and Jose Solis at Popmatters delivers the goods in this exclusive composer interview at Popmatters!  Have you had a chance to listen to the full score album?

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]


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Critics Share The Love For Nicholas Britell’s ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Score!

With three (3) Golden Globe nominations including Best Picture, and five Critic’s Choice Awards nominations including Best Original Score, plus back-to-back Best Score wins for Nicholas Britell at this year’s LA Film Critics Association Awards, Washington Film Critics Awards and the Chicago Film Critics Awards, If Beale Street Could Talk is receiving love and respect from film critics. In celebration of the film’s theatrical release, we take a look at the awards and accolades bestowed upon Composer Nicholas Britell. See the reviews below!

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Best Song of 2018: ‘Eros’ By Nicholas Britell (If Beale Street Could Talk) | The New Yorker

Listening to Britell’s score for Barry Jenkins’s film adaptation of “If Beale Street Could Talk,” I get lost in the souls of the protagonists Tish and Fonny, two New Yorkers felled by strong love. In Jenkins’s film, “Eros” plays as Tish and Fonny lay down their perfect bodies on a perfect surface and make perfect love, as the unperfect world outside makes designs on their futures. – Doreen St. Felix, The New Yorker

The New Yorker has published a tightly-edited list entitled, Our Favorite Songs of 2018, featuring “Eros” by Nicholas Britell from If Beale Street Could Talk – Original Motion Picture Score!  With only 9 songs on the list, “Eros” is the only track from a film score featured.  Nicholas’s collaboration with Academy Award®-winning Director Barry Jenkins earned him an Academy Award® Best Original Score Nomination for his score to Moonlight last year.  Go ahead and put on the album, lean back and experience this track taken from a moment from the highly-anticipated Barry Jenkins film!

Film Score Available Now: [Download / Listen]

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