Critics Share The Love For Nicholas Britell’s ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Score!

With three (3) Golden Globe nominations including Best Picture, and five Critic’s Choice Awards nominations including Best Original Score, plus back-to-back Best Score wins for Nicholas Britell at this year’s LA Film Critics Association Awards, Washington Film Critics Awards and the Chicago Film Critics Awards, If Beale Street Could Talk is receiving love and respect from film critics. In celebration of the film’s theatrical release, we take a look at the awards and accolades bestowed upon Composer Nicholas Britell. See the reviews below!

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Critic’s Choice Awards
: Nominations – Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Score, Best Cinematography 

Hollywood Music In Media Awards: Nomination – Best Original Score Nominee

LA Film Critics Association Awards: Winner – Best Supporting Actress and Best Music

New York Film Critics, Online: Winner – Best Supporting Actress, Best Use of Music, Top Film of the Year

Chicago Film Critics: Winner – Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Score. Nominations – Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography






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The swooning score by Nicholas Britell harkens back to the hypnotic strings of his Moonlight soundtrack, this time infused with sounds of jazz instead of the chop-and-screw technique used for that last film. As in something like In The Mood For Love, the period details almost fade into the background, the film evoking a nostalgic mood without overdoing it on the popular music.” – Birth.Movies.Death

“Also returning from Jenkins’ Best Picture winner is composer Nicholas Britell, who laces this story with a few subtly affecting motifs. In fact, hearing If Beale Street Could Talk is as rewarding as seeing it. From extreme harsh sounds in some scenes to serenity in others, or even the absence of sound altogether, the sound designers ensure that the film isn’t just playing to our eyes, but going to the ears to cement the mood of each individual scene.”  – IGN

“Score insanely beautiful”  – Madonna

“There is also equally transcendent sound design – the sense of place, the blurring of all other noise apart from each other, and a beautiful orchestral score that is more than a match for Moonlight’s.”  – The Mirror

“Film composer Nicholas Britell debuted in 2009, but in just under a decade has put up a filmography that rivals anyone working today. And with his latest score, for the awards-favorite film “If Beale Street Could Talk,” the Academy Award-nominated Britell has outdone himself.”  – The Playlist

“The real star of the film, however, is Nicholas Britell’s tremendous, impassioned score. Britell manages to find exactly the right notes to wrench tears from your eyes, and never in an overly manipulative way. The music is just so incredibly lovely – swelling and building to the point where it feels like it might just burst. Overflowing with raw, electric power. The orchestral score is practically a character itself, so ever-present and commanding.” – Slash Film

“As in Moonlight, sometimes Tish and Fonny look directly into the camera, into our eyes, daring us not to look away, letting us fall in love with them. Mixed with Nicholas Britell’s haunting score, the result is a blend of joy, compassion, and deep sadness.”  – Vox

[Barry Jenkins] brought over composer Nicholas Britell, who supplied the hearable texture to Moonlight’s sound, along with his own changeless cinematic talent for stripping scenes to their most bare sentiments.  – Vice

Listen to a track from Nicholas Britell’s score of ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ and swoon – Awards Watch

Britell’s moody composition is totally different than anything he did for Moonlight, but just as good — it makes Beale Street’s story of love and resilience even more radiant. – Vulture

In the track “Agape,” you hear just what makes the music in ‘Beale Street’ so memorable and emotional. Especially when you see how this piece is used in the film, you’ll experience a flood of emotions that you’ll have trouble replicating in any other film experience this year. – The Playlist


Film Score Available Now: [Download / Listen]

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