Halloween Month: In The Earth, Annihilation and The Stairs Tackle Natural Horror

Continuing our natural horror collection is none other than In The Earth, The Stairs, and 2018’s most buzzed-about natural horror-meets-alien sci-fi drama, Annihilation!  In all three films, characters enter a forest and eventually find out that nature has a mind of its own.  For In The Earth, you find yourself wondering whether nature is trying to communicate with you.  In Annihilation, our characters get caught up in “The Shimmer,” a mysterious quarantine zone in which everything caught in its bubble is mutated to the extreme.  For the recent August release of The Stairs, our protagonists stumble into a hidden world via a mysterious set of stairs situated in the forest of the Cascade Mountains.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you when you hear the three-note earworm by Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow (Annihilation), the hypnotic ambience provided by Clint Mansell (In The Earth), and B.C. Smith’s tense electronic score that feels at times organic  (The Stairs).

Listen to our natural horror picks and follow the playlist!


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