Son of the South: Steven Argila’s Score To 1960s Civil Rights Drama Debuts, Film In Theaters & On Demand!

Son of the South - Steven Argila | Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records has released the soundtrack to Son of the South, featuring score by Composer Steven Argila (composer of Basmati Blues, music department: Sylvie’s Love)  See the album tracklist, purchase link, and more below.

Brown’s well-crafted and period-persuasive biopic strikes a dramatically sound and emotionally satisfying balance between the moral awakening of its white protagonist and his relationships with sometimes encouraging, sometimes skeptical Black leaders and foot soldiers.  – Variety

Directed by Barry Alexander Brown, SON OF THE SOUTH,  now playing in select theaters and On Demand.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Track List

01. It Won’t Be Long ‘Till We’re Married
02. Not Choosin’ Is A Choice
03. I’ll Try Anything 3 Times
04. You’re On The Front Page
05. You’ll Have A Helluva Story To Tell When You Get There
06. Find Out Where They Buried Freedom
07. Knockin’
08. Why Are You Really Down Here?
09. I’ll Get You Close
10. We Gotta Skedaddle
11. Traveling Down Freedom’s Main Line
12. Chicken Feathers
13. Hold On To This For Me
14. I Wanna Get On That Bus
15. The Fight For Freedom
16. Passing The Time
17. I’ll Tell Daddy You Said Hi
18. One Of The Most Beautiful Sounds I’d Ever Heard
19. Should We Be Doing This?
20. They Killed Herbert Lee
21. They Didn’t Even Arrest Him
22. Just Like A White Cat To Feel Comfortable In A Sheet
23. You Gotta Suffer For The Cause
24. The Principal Caved
25. Head Of The Class
26. Get Him Back In The Car
27. Cut The Goddamn Rope
28. Well Don’t Think Too Long
29. End Credits Score Suite

In this poignant true story set in Montgomery, Alabama, a Klansman’s grandson must choose which side of history to be on during the Civil Rights Movement. Defying his family and white Southern norms, he fought against social injustice, repression and violence to change the world around him. Son Of The South is from executive producer Spike Lee and based on Bob Zellner’s autobiography, The Wrong Side of Murder Creek.

About Steven Argila
Steven’s musical life began at the age of seven when his parents received the gift of a home organ. By 10, he was winning regional and national competitions on piano and organ. At 14, he was accepted into the pre-college division of The Juilliard School. Steven continued his conservatory training for four years on a full scholarship to Juilliard, graduating with a Bachelor of Music degree.

A professional musician since the age of 15, Steven has broad experience working in every capacity of the business, including as a composer, producer, songwriter, arranger, music director, orchestrator and performer – often simultaneously. His intense classical training gives him the ability to work in a wide variety of styles.

Steven’s passion for collaboration has led him into virtually every genre, from dramatic, comedy, and musical feature films (Son of the South, Sylvie’s Love, Basmati Blues, The Last Poker Game, Lazy Eye, The Thing About My Folks, Mad Song) to documentaries (Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict, Gilbert and George Day Tripping (Again), Alive and Kicking, What the F@#- Is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have It?), mocumentaries (Memron), anime and animation (“High Guardian Spice”, “Monster High”, “Max Steel”, “Scooby Doo”), drama/comedies (“Mad About You” Spectrum Originals, “WAYNE” YouTube Premium, “There’s Johnny” HULU, “10 Items Or Less” TBS) video games (“The Quiet Man”), pop records, classical recordings, and musical theater. His talents range from creating lush dramatic scores to quirky comedy cues and everything in between. For the Hollywood-meets Bollywood Basmati Blues, Steven acted as composer, songwriter, and soundtrack producer.

Steven composes, records, mixes, and produces his scores at 88 Keys Music, on the eastside of Los Angeles.


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