Lakeshore Records Releases Beyblade Burst Surge Opening Theme By Konrad OldMoney Featuring Johnny Gr4ves!

Beyblade Burst Surge Opening Theme

Lakeshore Records announces today the release of the U.S. theme song to the fifth season of the blockbuster anime series Beyblade Burst Surge. An exuberantly funky track titled “We Got The Spin,” produced and written by Konrad OldMoney with lyrics and vocals by Johnny Gr4ves (Zeboria Peters), the song matches the exhilarating energy of the show.  See listening links and more below.

Says Konrad: “We Got The Spin” was just as fun as the song sounds! I happen to be a huge anime fan and Beyblade is iconic to me, so getting to make a bouncy Hip Hop record for the Season 5 Theme Song was a dream come true!”

Says Zeboria: “I grew up playing Beyblade, so it really feels like I’m passing the torch to my nephew and his generation. It’s been an honour!”

“We Got The Spin (feat. Johnny Gr4ves) [Beyblade Burst Surge Opening Theme Song]” is out now on all major digital music services.  BEYBLADE BURST SURGE will air in the U.S. on Disney XD beginning February 20  at 8 AM EST.

Single Out Now: [Download/Listen]



The BEYBLADE anime series, produced by ADK Emotions, is based on the original Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takao Aoki. BEYBLADE began airing in Japan in 1999 and has become a global phenomenon airing in over 80 countries. The brand maintains its huge fanbase with its unforgettable characters and interactive gameplay, both digital and physical. BEYBLADE BURST SURGE is the follow up to BEYBLADE BURST RISE in the third generational cycle of the BEYBLADE series. This theme song was created for the English version of the show.

Series Synopsis:
From high atop the Blading world reign the Blading Legends, a select group of Bladers who set the standard to which all other hopefuls aspire. No challenger yet has succeeded in breaking through their ranks.

A legend among legends, Valt Aoi hosts an exhibition match featuring a revolutionary class of Bey: “Lightning Beys”. Inspired by the battle, two unknown brothers, Hyuga and Hikaru Hizashi, issue a challenge: armed with their own Lightning Beys Hyperion and Helios, this unlikely duo is going to topple Beyblade’s ruling elite.
As the Hizashi brothers’ challenge envelops the world’s Blading legends, a new tournament is born to determine who among them is truly the best. In the middle of this mayhem, there lurks a unique Blader shrouded in mystery.

Will Hikaru and Hyuga be the spark that ignites a Blading revolution? With their solar Beys in hand, the brothers are ready to begin their own legend of growth and adventure.


Konrad OldMoney is an award-winning music producer and composer who has been featured for his work in publications such as Forbes Magazine, Vice, MTV, NY Post, Complex, The Source, Fader Magazine, and many others.

He is pioneering the sonic landscape of video games, multimedia and artist projects by boldly combining various disciplines of art, music and cultural influences.

You can find his work on a variety of AAA video game titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, Fifa, UFC, NBA, SSX, Fight Night and many others.

– Konrad OldMoney is defining the future of music and is the driving force in the contemporary wave of multimedia entertainment.


Zeboria Peters Pka, Johnny Gr4ves, hailing from Victoria, Canada, started his songwriting career while he was just a junior in high school. In 5 short years he became an award-winning songwriter working with major artists around the world, placing multiple songs on one of the biggest video games of all time, Cyberpunk 2077, and most recently, Beyblade. There’s a lot more time to make a lot more history, and Johnny Gr4ves won’t waste a second of it.

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