Throwback Thursday: A Look At Space-Themed Soundtracks From 400 Days, The Expanse and More!

This week, we take a look back at some space-themed soundtracks such as 400 Days (score by Wojciech Golczewski), The Expanse (score by Clinton Shorter), Debug (score by Timothy Williams) and Journey To Space (score by Cody Westheimer)!  Keep reading for listen/streaming links and where to watch these worthy productions!

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400 DAYS – [Download Movie] [Download/Stream Soundtrack]
Score by Wojciech Golczewski.



THE EXPANSE – [Stream Season 1][Stream Season 2[Stream Season 3][Download/Stream Soundtrack]
Score by Clinton Shorter.



DEBUG – [Download Movie] [Download/Stream Soundtrack]
Score by Timothy Williams.



JOURNEY TO SPACE – [Download Movie] [Download/Stream Soundtrack]
Score by Cody Westheimer.


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