The Rise Of The Synths: The Companion Album Will Feature Waveshaper!


Lakeshore Records is very excited to announce that synthwave artist Waveshaper will officially be on the forthcoming The Rise Of The Synths: Companion Album, a soundtrack in support of the successfully crowd-funded film!  The album will feature many of your favorite synthwave artists, including Voyag3r and OGRE, which we announced recently.  Stay tuned for more updates on confirmed artists!

We couldn’t resist asking Waveshaper for a hint of what to expect: “It is a fast paced track that kicks off with an ARP 2600 Fx that will blast you in to a story telling cinematic journey.  I pictured myself an early ’80s animated space mission while producing the track.”

THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS is a feature documentary directed by Iván Castell and produced by Javier Moreno with an amazing team from Spain.  The film is the definitive documentary about synthwave and ’80s retro and electronic music.  The filmmakers’ crowd-funding campaign is running right now.  Head over to IndieGogo to give them your support!

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