The Call: On Video Now

In case you missed it, check out The Call on DVD and Blu-ray, out now.  Be sure to pick up the soundtrack released by Lakeshore Records featuring original score by John Debney.

Surprisingly good, and surprisingly gruesome, fun. – Entertainment Weekly

The Call (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music by John Debney

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The Call (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
John Debney

01. The Call – Main Title
02. Intruder
03. Leah is Killed
04. Leah’s Body Uncovered
05. Tour Of The Hive
06. Freeway Chase
07. Casey Calls Jordan
08. Michael Drives
09. Shovel Kill
10. He Switched Cars
11. The Gas Station
12. Message To Mom
13. Don’t Hurt That Little Girl
14. Finding The Hiding Hole
15. Assault On The Cabin
16. Casey Sees Too Much
17. Jordan Drives
18. The Cabin
19. Jordan Finds The Room
20. A Gentle Scalping
21. Drowning Jordan
22. It’s Already Done

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