5 Questions With ‘Wednesday’ Vocalist, Nina Bergman

Lakeshore Records recently caught up with Nina Bergman, who contributes a track on Wednesday (Original Comic Book Soundtrack).  Her vocals are featured on “Somewhere Better Than Here” (a collaboration with Geno Lenardo) — watch the song teaser below — available digitally on September 18.  The soundtrack album is comprised of amazing talent.  Read on to see why Nina is every bit as badass as her vocals.


Tell us about your past work. You’ve recorded under a few different band names and made some amazing videos and films. What sort of music did you make when you first started? What lit the fire for you and made you want to write and record music?

I attended the NYU Tish School of Arts for musical theatre.  One day I discovered Linkin Park and then I got introduced to NIN and that was it for me!  Later, I learned that my favorite underground band Kidney Thieves lost their lead singer, so I moved to LA and after a long trial I joined the band.  We became Shocknina.  We released an EP and toured. That experience led me to start my own band, Dead Rose Beauty.  We toured and did shows all over America.  After that, Rob Cavallo signed me to a six-album deal with Warner Bros Records as N.I.N.A.

I have also recorded for Lionsgate films.  The theme song for “Catacombs” and “Repo the Genetic Opera.”  I sang the title song for “Black Limousine” and the title song for “All about Her.”  I also performed live for the World Series and the NCAA College Football Season and did a television show with Ludacris and Tommy Lee called “Battleground Earth.”

Was there something about Wednesday’s character that you felt a connection with? Did that help you with the process of writing lyrics to illustrate a specific story?

It was very easy to write songs for Wednesday.  We have a lot in common!  We come from different backgrounds, but our feelings are the same.  The difference between me and her is that I’ve learned to deal with all of those feelings and Wednesday is not there yet.

What was the inspiration for Somewhere Better Than Here?  If a 16 year-old-girl hears your song and connects with it, what would you like her to learn or take from it?

That you are not alone.  I so badly wanted to get away from where I grew up.  I was a loner and an outsider.  I moved to London by myself at age 14, then Moscow, and finally New York.  I’ve always been alone just like Wednesday.  Loneliness is one of the worst feelings.  I wish I knew at that age that there were other girls out there who felt like me.  I always thought I was weird and different and the only person that felt that way.  Now I know that’s not true. Music helped me learn that!

In the story, Wednesday has no friends, so she builds three robotic sock monkeys to be her pals. If you had to literally make your own best friend, what/who would you build?

That’s so funny, because all of my friends were imaginary!  I even had an imaginary dog.  I remember my imaginary twin sister.  She was the coolest and helped me through a lot of stuff back then!

Finally, what are you working on now?

I love emotional, dramatic, passionate music. Songwriting is like therapy for me.  It helps me get perspective and feel connected to other people.  It makes me feel understood and it makes me understand.  Without music my life is empty.  I need to express otherwise I’ll explode!

I’m currently working with Reggie Stuart from Cypress Hill.  We are making a rock-electronic album.  The EP will be ready soon.  I’m very excited about this one!  My song for the Sharknado 3 soundtrack [Editor’s note: She sings on “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” (another collaboration with Geno Lenardo)] was just released and I’ve been working on a new movie “The Chemist” coming out in a few months.  I’ll have four new songs in it.  “No Kill” is my passion project.  It’s a feature length animal rights activist movie disguised as a suspense thriller and it’s based on a true story.  I’m doing most of the music with fellow musicians who are as passionate about the animal rights cause.  For more info.: www.ninabergman.com.

Ok, one more: You portrayed Wonder Woman in a short film.  You know a lot about that character, so: Wonder Woman vs. Wednesday and her monkeys.  Who wins?

That’s so funny!  I’m very sorry, but Wonder Woman wins.  She was trained by Amazon women — she trained her whole life to protect and liberate women.  She has been doing it for years.  Wednesday still has a few more years to go before she gets to her level.

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