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Lakeshore Records Innovates Soundtracks with Cutting Edge | Variety (Exclusive)

Variety’s Jon Burlingame reports on how Lakeshore Records innovates soundtrack and score album releases in its new partnership with the Cutting Edge Group.

Read the full story at Variety (here).

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Stranger Things Only Soundtrack Named in Rolling Stone Top 50 Albums of 2016!


Seventy-four brief cues and atmospheres sprawled across four vinyl discs made this the feel-good avant-garde event of the year. – Rolling Stone

The two-volume Stranger Things soundtrack featuring the synth score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E makes the 50 Best Albums Of 2016 list by Rolling Stone!  Both volumes of the soundtrack are out now on Lakeshore Records (get Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 on iTunes).  

Stranger Things, Volume 1 & 2 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) is the only soundtrack (or score) album named on the distinguished Best Of list, which includes albums by Gold and Platinum artists such Beyonce, David Bowie, Metallica and more!  See the full list at Rolling Stone.  Congrats to Kyle and Michael, the Duffer Brothers and Netflix!

Get your copy of the Stranger Things soundtrack on vinyl from your local indie record store, see our Vinyl Page here, or order through Invada Records for UK and rest of the world!



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Exploring Brian Reitzell’s Delicious Hannibal Collection


Hannibal (Original Television Soundtrack)
Brian Reitzell

There is, and has been, a lot said about Brian Reitzell‘s score for Bryan Fuller‘s take on Thomas Harris‘ enigmatic Dr Hannibal Lecter.

Whilst I’m sure many of you are already more than familiar with the TV shows title character through one of his previous incarnations, I believe that this has been the first time, musically, that the character has really been brought to life. This is not to say that any of the previous musical accompaniments have been wrong or disingenuous, I’m just stating, from my own point of view, that Reitzell’s decadent, dark ambient, orchestral, confrontational and yet highly listenable score, really evokes the character of Lecter, in my humble opinion.

From the very beginning of Volume One, you know that you’re listening and experiencing something unlike anything you have probably ever heard before. To say this was a daring and visionary move would be an understatement: the music like the character of Dr Hannibal Lecter himself is intrinsically complex, thoughtful, daring and also something to be fearful of. Please don’t let my last statement put you off, I am merely saying the score for Hannibal covers almost every gamut of musical emotion and will only leave you wanting more!

Throughout the duration of the shows three season run, the music featured grew and adapted as did each of the main characters. One of my favourite tracks is season three’s ‘The Great Red Dragon’ a three part piece which includes the vocal track ‘Allelujah’ sung by Micha Luna. Season Three also includes the two standouts ‘Snake Charmer’ with vocals by Marc Almond and the Season Three finale ‘Love Crime’ featuring Siouxsie Sioux, one of the most emotionally gripping finales I’ve ever witnessed.

The scores for Hannibal are all available now on CD and Digital with the Vinyl being handled by our wonderful partners Invada Records. Each of the three seasons is split over two double LPs housed in a gatefold sleeve, featuring images from the show + liner notes. The vinyl also comes in two variations, either black or colored vinyl, depending on your taste, they also all come with a digital download card so you can take Hannibal everywhere you go.

If I’ve whetted your appetite for a musical palate cleanse I would highly recommend stating from Volume One and working your way forward. In saying that, each season is a true delight and a collection of music I shall be listening to for many years to come.


Download The Albums Here on [ITUNES] [S1V1] [S1V2] [S2V1] [S2V2] [S3V1] [S3V3] Stream A Sample on [SPOTIFY] [S1V1] [S1V2] [S2V1] [S2V2

Vinyl Details:
Season One Vol 1 [USA] [UK] Vol 2 [USA] [UK]
$25.00 (color) $23.00 (black) / £22.99 (color) £21.99 (black)
Each double LP will be housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with Hannibal Executive Producer David Slade providing rare photography from his personal collection.
Each LP will come with a download card.

Vinyl Details:
Season Two Vol 1 [USA] [UK] Vol 2 [USA] [UK]
$25.00 (color) $23.00 (black) / £22.99 (color) £21.99 (black)
Each double LP will be housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with Hannibal Executive Producer David Slade providing rare photography from his personal collection.
Each LP will come with a download card.

Vinyl Details:
Season Three Vol 1 [USA] [UK] Vol 2 [USA] [UK]
$29.00 (color) $28.00 (black) / £24.99 (color) £22.99 (black)
Each double LP will be housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with Hannibal Executive Producer David Slade providing rare photography from his personal collection.
Each LP will come with a download card.

Hannibal (Original Television Soundtrack)
Brian Reitzell

Season One Volume 1
1. Aperitif
2. Amuse-Bouche
3. Potage
4. Oeuf
5. Coquilles
6. Entree
7. Sorbet

Season One Volume 2
1. Fromage
2. Trou Normand
3. Buffet Froid
4. Roti
5. Releves
6. Savoreux

Season Two Volume 1
1. Kaiseki
2. Sakizuke
3. Hassun
4. Takiawase
5. Mukozuke
6. Futamono
7. Yakimono

Season Two Volume 2
1. Su-Zakana
2. Shiizakana
3. Naka-Choko
4. Ko No Mono
5. Tome-Wan
6. Mizumono
7. Bloodfest (From Mizumono)

Season Three Volume 1
1. Bach Goldberg Variation Aria Pt 1
2. Antipasto
3. Primavera Pt 1
4. Primavera Pt 2
5. Primavera Pt 3
6. Secondo Pt 1
7. Secondo Pt 2
8. Secondo Pt 3
9. Snake Charmer (feat Marc Almond) from Aperitivo
10. Contorno
11. Dolce Pt 1
12. Dolce Pt 2
13. Digestivo Pt 1
14. Digestivo Pt 1
15. The Great Red Dragon Pt 1
16. Allelujah (Mozart) from The Great Red Dragon
17. The Great Red Dragon Pt 2

Season Three Volume 2
1. And the Woman Clothed with the Sun… Pt 1
2. And the Woman Clothed with the Sun… Pt 2
3. And the Woman Clothed with the Sun… Pt 3
4. And the Woman Clothed in Sun Pt 1
5. And the Woman Clothed in Sun Pt 2
6. And the Woman Clothed in Sun Pt 3
7. And the Woman Clothed in Sun Pt 4
8. …And the Beast from the Sea
9. The Number of the Beast is 666…
10. And the Woman Clothed in Sun Pt 4
11. The Wrath of the Lamb Pt 1
12. Bach Goldberg Aria Pt 2 / The Wrath of the Lamb Pt 2
13. Love Crime Film Version (feat Siouxsie Sioux) from The Wrath of the Lamb

Additional Information:


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Scream, Scream & Scream Again, Thanks To Jeremy Zuckerman and the Shock Waves Podcast


Scream – The TV Series (Original Television Soundtrack)
Jeremy Zuckerman
Download The Album Here At [ITUNES] / Stream The Album At [SPOTIFY]

Our friends over on the Shock Waves Podcast, a part of the Blumhouse Podcast Network, recently released a special musical episode dedicated to the Scream franchise. The episode, which features some musical snippets of the score to the hit MTV show, coupled with some dialogue from hosts Rob Galluzzo and Ryan Turek, can be found  HERE.

Additional Information:


Taking A Look At The Music Behind Netflix Blockbuster ‘Narcos’ With Composer Pedro Bromfman + The Wonderfully Curated ‘More Music From’ Soundtrack Albums


Netflix juggernaut Narcos has been inescapable over the past two years for a number of reasons. The performances delivered by Wagner Moura (Pablo Escobar), Boyd Holbrook (DEA agent Steve Murphy), Pedro Pascal (DEA agent Javier Peña) and Paulina Gaitán (Tata Escobar) have all been widely acknowledged as some of the finest of this or any age.

The show, which works on numerous levels has become as addictive as something the real Mr Escobar may have tried to export during the decadent 1980s. Within the story of one man against seemingly all others lays the story of a dedicated family man who will stop at nothing to provide everything he can whilst taking on the entire country of Columbia, other drug cartels and the U.S government. While there have been other attempts to tell the Escobar story, it has been the phenomenal writing of Chris Brancati and the skilled direction of José Padilha that have really set Narcos apart as one of the most must see television shows around.

The attention to detail is second to none, and this is none more prevalent than when discussing the music composed for and used within season one and two (both currently available on Netflix) of Narcos. The scores for both seasons were composed by award winning composer Pedro Bromfman (Elite Squad, Robocop) and whilst they are able to help weave the musical tapestry of Pablo Escobar’s rise and fall, they also work as a standalone listening experiences away from the show.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Pedro to discuss Narcos and his career to date for an episode of The Lakeshore Records Podcast. This was recorded shortly before season 2 hit the airwaves, and Pedro was gracious enough to delve into the sonic soundscape of 1980s Medellín and breakdown his approach to scoring the show.


Bromfman’s score for seasons [ONE] and [TWO] are available now digitally, with the vinyl for season one being released through our partners Invada.

Narcos double[BUY NOW] ‘Red/Black Variant’[USA] [UK] ‘Black/White Variant’ [COMING SOON] [UK]

And if the scores for Narcos have whetted your appetite for a larger Latin music listening experience, why not check out the superb ‘More Music From’ volumes 1 & 2.

narcos-more-music-v1_600Download The Album Here At [ITUNES] / Stream The Album At [SPOTIFY]

narcos-more-music-v2_600Download The Album Here At [ITUNES] / Stream The Album At [SPOTIFY]

“During season one of Narcos, we discovered a wealth of Colombian and Latin music and are excited to share it outside the context of the series,” said music supervisor Liza Richardson. “We took care to make sure the song choices were authentic to the times and characters and we hope the music connects you to the rich culture depicted in Narcos.”

Twenty-four tracks spread over two volumes, all expertly chosen for a fully immersive understanding of the musical world of Narcos.

More Music From Vol 1:
01. Cumbia en el Monte – Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros
02. Boogie Oogie Oogie – A Taste of Honey
03. Carta Fatal – Soffy Martinez
04. La Burrita – Los Diplomaticos
05. No Tengo Culpa – Los Corraleros de Majagual
06. Tabaco Y Ron – Rodolfo y su Tipica Ra7
07. Las Tapas – Banda 20 de Julio de Repelon
08. Maldito Cabaret – Los Pamperos
09. Monte Tiene Garabato – Son de Loma
10. La Rasquina – Gildardo Zapata
11. Porro Bonito – Orquesta Ritmo de Sabanas
12. Esclavo Moderno – Manuel Alvarez y Sus Dangers

More Music From Vol 2:
01. Tungalala (El Sapo) – Son Palenque
02. Todo en la Vida – Elia y Elizabeth
03. Sigue Feliz – Alonso y Bernardo
04. Las Caleñas Son Como Las Flores – The Latin Brothers
05. Se Me Perdio La Cadenita – La Sonora Dinamita
06. Evocacion – Carlos Arturo
07. El Elevao – Los Golden Boys
08. Llegaron los Peluqueros – Los Yetis
09. La Pelea Con El Diablo – Octavio Meza y su Conjunto
10. Caliventura – Afrosound
11. El Preso – Fruko y sus Tesos
12. Palenque Palenque – Son Palenq