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Preview NINA’s Forthcoming ‘Control’ Album Feat. LAU!

Ahead of NINA’s forthcoming album, CONTROL, listen to a preview of her five-track EP, coming our way digitally on November 27, 2020!  The album — featuring long-time collaborator LAU (Laura Fares) — will be available on pre-order this Friday, November 19, but you can pre-save the music now on Spotify!  Links and tracklist are below.

Stay tuned for more album details!

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Broadway Records Releases Nick Cordero: Live Your Life Live At Feinstein’s/54 Below – Available Digitally

Nick Cordero: Live Your Life | Broadway Records

Broadway Records has released Live Your Life: Live at Feinstein’s/54 Below, the recording of Nick Cordero’s cabaret performance, directed and music directed by Emmy Award-winning Producer and Music Director, Michael J Moritz Jr.  Prior to being diagnosed with coronavirus, Cordero and Moritz had been planning to release the recording of his celebrated cabaret act from 2019, but his plans were put on hold. Following his passing, the album will be released with his family’s blessing to honor his legacy and celebrate the incredible talent and life that was tragically cut short.  Proceeds from the album will go to benefit his wife, Amanda Kloots, and their young son Elvis.  The album is released September 17th, 2020 on all major music retailers, to commemorate what would have been Nick’s 42nd birthday.

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Composer Emile Mosseri’s Band, Human Love Releases ‘Black Void’ EP | Review

Composer Emile Mosseri releases a new album with his band Human Love. Emile has quickly established himself as a singular film composer, raising the proverbial bar with his critically revered scores for THE LAST BLACK MAN OF SAN FRANCISCO and HOMECOMING. Both albums are easily amongst the most artful and enjoyable scores of 2019 and 2020. None other than Afrofuturist super-funkstress powerhouse Janelle Monae mused that she wished Mosseri’s HOMECOMING score was her solo album. 


Emile Mosseri, David Baldwin, Erick Eiser, and Mark Demiglio (formerly known as The Dig) are no strangers to album-craft, but Black Void marks something entirely new. Changing their band’s moniker to Human Love isn’t rebranding, its rebirth.  The Dig was & always will be digable, but the boys of Human Love had the rarified guts to publicly acknowledge they’re no longer the New York kids they once were.


What is human love? How does it feel? What does it sound like? It’s sweet, lush, and forgiving. It’s hypnotic, sensual, and disarming. It’s warm, deep, and groooovy baby. The same goes for the jaw-dropping, siren-like melody that begins Human Love’s debut EP Black Void. On the title track, guest singer Kamilah’s otherworldly voice swoons & beckons like a celestial theremin breaking through golden clouds. From start to finish, Black Void is an elegant uncanny opera of sorts, filled with exquisite hooks, fresh-cut beats, and sultry vocals that will haunt your auditory cortex & cozy up to your subconscious. Needless to say, it’s one hell of a debut.


It’s therefore no surprise that Black Void’s cinematic feels cut deep with radio ready production and hip-shaking rhythm. Highlights include a standout pop-friendly chorus and disco-slick bass line on “Goldmine”, tasty falsetto treats on “Lemon Dove” and a head-nodding synth groove on “Pomona”. Dan the Automator’s masterful production on Deltron 3030, MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular and your favorite Arcade Fire song all come to mind, along with the ghosts of J. Dilla, Ennio Morricone, and your pre-pandemic self. Do yourself a favor. Dive into the Black Void, and enjoy some Human Love.



Premiere: VH x RR Debuts ‘The Long Goodbye’ Lyric Video For The Persistence of Memory EP | Vehlinggo

Musically, people interested in acts like Depeche Mode, Information Society, and, well, Cause and Effect, will find great solace in the songs’ evocative sonic and vocal landscape. The confident wistfulness of “The Long Goodbye” is a particular standout for me. I think you’ll absolutely love this song (and the whole EP, really). – Vehlinggo

Ahead of VH x RR’s release of The Long Goodbye, their debut EP on Lakeshore Records, the duo has premiered the lyric video to the song exclusively on Vehlinggo!  Furthermore, Vehlinggo offers further details on the genesis of the album and the involvement of a mastering engineer and music producer who has worked with some of the music industry’s biggest bands and artists, such as the GRAMMY®-nominated Tycho.  The article is a must-read for those who want to learn more about VH x RR.

If you’ve been following Soundtracks, Scores and More, then you may have noticed their previous song premiere, “Calm Down Lover” which debuted last month.  What do you think of the songs so far?  Leave your comments below.

Lakeshore Records will release The Persistence of Memory digitally on Friday, June 12, 2020.

Pre-save the album: [Spotify]



Human Love: Emile Mosseri’s Band Releases ‘Goldmine’ Track From The Debut EP

Human Love

“Goldmine” is a moody but urgent track, a perfect embodiment of the Human Love aesthetic. It unfolds in pulsating grooves and luminous melodies, its intensity amplified by David Baldwin and Mosseri’s mesmeric vocal work and surrealist lyrics, as well as orchestral elements showcasing the imagination and ingenuity Mosseri has brought to his scoring work. – Broadway World

There’s no stopping Composer Emile Mosseri, who, aside from scoring Amazon Studio’s Homecoming Season 2 (you also know him from The Last Black Man in San Francisco), just dropped a new single with his band, Human Love.  Along with Mosseri, the band is also comprised of members David Baldwin, Erick Eiser, and Mark Demiglio.  Their debut EP titled, Black Void, is set to release on July 10, 2020.  See the full announcement and watch their song video at Broadway World.

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