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Lili Haydn Releases ‘More Love’ (Out Now)

"More Love" song by Lili Haydn

Today, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, composer, and violinist Lili Haydn shared the title track from her upcoming album More Love, along with an accompanying music video. More Love will be released on March 26 on Lakeshore Records.  She invites us to say “Sayonara” to the drama and puts out “More Love” into the world today.  Learn more about the genesis of Lili’s forthcoming MORE LOVE album below.

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More Love Tracklist:

1) Overture
2) Sayonara
3) Sayonara pt. 2 (Prayer for Peace)
4) More Love
5) Is this Love, Is this Life
6) Devil You Know
7) Circle of My Heart
8) Graduation


“I had Covid at the end of June last year and there were a few nights where I really couldn’t breathe and I thought I might have to be hospitalized. This experience inspired the simple heartfelt lyrics of ‘More Love’ (‘take me as I am tonight, grateful just to be alive’) and made me want to convey this feeling in the video,” Haydn explains.

“My dear friend Emily Green sent me her gorgeous photographs, which convey such soul and humanity – which is what I believe will get us through this harrowing time. I then reached out to my good friend and wonderful Director Henry Barrial for whom I have scored 2 Films (DriverX and The House that Jack Built) and he and I figured out how to tell this story with images from the 1918 Spanish flu and now…the message is: we are in this together and this too shall pass!”

Haydn released the first single from the album “Sayonara,” a song calling for love and change in the United States, ahead of Inauguration Day for the Biden-Harris administration. The music video featured a beautiful time-lapse of artist Norton Wisdom painting live to the music.

Blackbook Magazine featured “Sayonara” saying, “For those who aren’t familiar with Lili Haydn, such a shame… So imagine our enthusiasm at the arrival of her new single ‘Sayonara,’ especially as it is a sonorous kiss-off to the soon-to-be-over nightmare we’ve been living with for the last four years. And while the ominous but optimistic track showcases Lili’s plaintive vocals and exhilarating violin playing over a sultry trip-hop beat, we were especially taken with the accompanying video.”

Along with the album Haydn is also seeing a number of film and TV projects featuring her dynamic scores being released. The films include the feature documentary Strip Down, Rise Up by Oscar nominated director Michele Ohayon, out now on Netflix; and Oscar winner Freida Mock’s latest feature documentary RUTH: Justice Ginsberg in Her Own Words, out now on STARZ. In addition, Lili co-composed the music for Ginny & Georgia, a 10-episode series which is currently #1 on Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. Today and Top 10 globally.

Two of the tracks on More Love, the tense and dramatic “Is This Love, Is This Life” and the hypnotic, electronica driven vocal track “The Devil You Know,” are from the soundtrack of Netflix’s Strip Down Rise Up, a film about women who heal their traumas and shame through pole dancing and embark on a journey to reclaim themselves. As a sexual trauma survivor herself, Lili related to its hard-hitting theme. Another track from More Love, “Circle of My Heart,” a haunting vocal-piano-violin ballad which she wrote with David Poe (whom she originally met in the Sundance Fellowship), was also originally written for the same film.

With the release of More Love, her first solo release in six years, Haydn draws whimsy and purpose from her palette of cinematic alternative music, gracing us with a thematically and sonically compelling way forward out of the dark challenges of 2020. Yet the mission of this groundbreaking recording goes far beyond that. As a survivor of COVID-19 herself and grateful to be alive, she is, more than ever before, celebrating the miracle of life itself.


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