Synthwave Duo VH x RR To Release Their New Carl Sagan Inspired EP on Lakeshore Records


Get ready for the second coming of synthwave duo VH x RR (Kent “Von” Hertzog and Rob Rowe).  Their forthcoming EP, Persistence of Memory, inspired by the ideas behind the episode, “Persistence of Memory” from Carl Sagan’s iconic PBS Series, “Cosmos,” the album how our personal and collective intelligence is important to nostalgia.

The five-track EP is expected to release next month on Lakeshore Records.  Stay tuned for more album details.  In the meantime, take advantage of Bandcamp’s fundraiser for artists, in which Bandcamp waives their revenue share and artists on Bandcamp receive 100% of their revenue on May 1.  

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VH x RR was founded in 2016 by Kent “Von” Hertzog and Rob Rowe after a meeting set in motion by an intelligent machine known as Google Music’s algorithm.  

Hertzog was working on a track with INFORMATION SOCIETY (2018’s “Nothing Prevails”) and his own synthwave-adjacent material for his VON HERTZOG project. He was listening to INSOC when the algorithm recommended CAUSE & EFFECT’s major label debut album, Another Minute. 

“I instantly fell in love,” Hertzog says. “Rob’s voice was sublime and the melodies he chose… it all felt like it spoke directly to me.”

Hertzog reached out to Rowe on Twitter and essentially cold-called him to see if they could work together. They got along well, realizing that their lives had a lot of parallels—both were working for themselves in the ad world and both had in-home studios that allowed them to quickly sketch ideas and share them over the Internet.

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