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New Soundtracks: ‘Assassination Nation’ Vinyl, ‘The Biggest Little Farm’ + More!

This week, we’re thrilled to be releasing Ian Hultquist’s sought-after vinyl album to Assassination Nation and Jeff Beal’s latest score on Lakeshore Records, The Biggest Little Farm! Plus, scroll down to pre-order Dan The Automator’s score to Booksmart – headed your way in a couple of weeks!

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Throwback Thursday: Revisiting Ian Hultquist’s ‘Animals’ Score

In this edition of Throwback Thursday, we take a look at a classic Ian Hultquist score, Animals (2015)! In contrast to his latest synth-centric score, Assassination Nation, also released on Lakeshore Records, Ian blends in more acoustic guitars in this ambient score.

Written by and starring David Dastmalchian (Ant Man, Dark Knight), Animals won many film festival Best Feature Awards including the Audience Award at SXSW. In the same year, David also won Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the Arpa International Film Festival.

The ambient sound is back in “Make believe” and I just get lost in it. I would love to have a score which used only that sound. It’s that minimalistic and dreamy sound that makes me want to close my eyes and fantasize. This cue is reflective and deep and I enjoy discovering its every subtlety. -Soundtrack Dreams

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Premiere: Assassination Nation Vinyl Artwork Revealed! | Slash Film

The sure-to-be-cult-film Assassination Nation burned up the festival circuit last year before hitting theaters in September 2018. One key element to the film was the electronic film score courtesy of former Passion Pitt keyboardist Ian Hulquist. – Chris Evangelista, Slash Film

America: you asked for it! The good folks over at Slash Film have the exclusive premiere of the Assassination Nation – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack vinyl, featuring score by Ian Hultquist! The former Passion Pit band member is also known for scores to other feature films, such as A-X-L and Animals, released on Lakeshore Records.  Check out the full spread now at Slash Films.

The vinyl album is available on or around May 10, 2019 via Lakeshore Records, but you can pre-order now: [Webshop]

Assassination Nation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – ‘Raincoat Red’ Vinyl – Ian Hultquist

* Doublewide Album Sleeve
* Includes the songs ‘Rage by Isabella “Machine“ Summers, ‘Brat’ by  Abra and ‘We Can’t Stop’ by Jackson State University Marching Band, The “Sonic Boom of the South”

The score is by Passion Pitt’s’s former keyboard player and synthesist Ian Hultquist.  It plays big on screen throughout the entire second half of the film, including extended sequences where it’s set to screen images for minutes at a time. This is the first truly contemporary electronic film score in some time that does not seek to duplicate the Stranger Things retro esthetic. Assassination Nation creates its own new and fresh contemporary electronic score that is both modern and very accessible to non-filmscore audiences in the same way that It Follows and Under The Skin did.


Side A
01. Mayor Bartlett
02. #FAIL
03. The Life & Texts of Principal Turrell
04.  Internet Trolls
05. I’m Not the Monster You Think I Am
06. Half of Salem
07. Slay’em High Killa
08. A Star is Born
09. Assassination Nation

Side B
10. Blow Us a Kiss
11. Take Salem Back
12. Marty’s Confession
13. Home Invasion
14. On the Run

Side C
15. Kiss Me
16. Be Gentle
17. Crimson
18. The Shootout
19. Surrender
20. Rally Ur F_cking Crew

Side D
21. Trigger (Bonus Track)
22. Rage – Isabella “Machine“ Summers
23. Brat  – Abra
24. We Can’t Stop – Jackson State University Marching Band, The “Sonic Boom of the South”


NEON presents ASSASSINATION NATION, available now on Blu-ray/DVD (get it here) and Digital (get it here).

6 Films/TV Shows For National Love Your Pet Day!

For National Love Your Pet Day, it’s the perfect occasion to take a look at some film and television shows from Lakeshore soundtrack partners which feature some memorable pets. Are you a dog or cat person? How about a pet chicken or a baby demogorgon? See our list!

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‘Assassination Nation’ By Ian Hultquist Makes Film Music Magazine’s Best Film Scores of 2018 List!

An enjoyably evil, bonkers spin on “The Scarlet Letter” gets exactly the tripped out sound of social media maniacs it deserves from former Passion Pit front man Ian Hultquist for “Assassination Nation” – Film Music Magazine

Film music critic Daniel Schweiger has published his list of the Best Scores of 2018 at Film Music Magazine, featuring Assassination Nation – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Ian Hultquist!  The Sam Levinson-directed Assassination Nation film is described as “One of the smartest, most perceptive commentaries on a contemporary society distorted and magnified by online hysteria…” (The Observer UK).   Ian previously released scores to AXL and Animals on Lakeshore Records.  See Daniel Schweiger’s full Best Scores list at Film Music Magazine.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download / Listen]


Neon presents ASSASSINATION NATION, available now on Digital (rent it on iTunes) and coming December 18 on Blu-ray and DVD (pre-order here).