New Soundtracks: Sisters Brothers, Heathers, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Arkangel + More!

This week, Lakeshore Records proudly presents Alexandre Desplat’s score to New York Times Critic’s Pick film, The Sisters Brothers, starring John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix!  Also released is music from the forthcoming Heathers TV series (score by Chris Alan Lee), which premieres on the Paramount Network on October 25.  And in case you’re curious, we have some new highly-anticipated vinyl and cassette releases you don’t want to miss.  Keep scrolling to get all the details!

Digital New Releases:


THE SISTERS BROTHERS – [Download/Listen]
Alexandre Desplat.

For such an unconventional western, Desplat found musical inspiration in jazz and blues and experimentalist John Cage. He avoided all brass and emphasized prepared piano, timpani drums, a pair of cimbaloms for bass, and electric violin (played by his wife and concert master, Dominique Lemonnier). – IndieWire

I am listening very curious and fascinated to a cue like “Two brothers, two friends” which is oddly satisfying on its own as well as it represents a strange take on the Western / Americana genre. – Soundtrack Dreams

New York Times Critic’s Pick and Venice Film Festival Silver Lion Best Director Winner The Sisters Brothers features score by Academy Award® winner Alexandre Desplat!  This one-of-a-kind Western (Rolling Stone) Directed by Jacques Audiard (Un prophète, De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté) features a one-of-a-kind score from the Composer who won the Best Score Oscar® for The Shape of Water!




HEATHERS – [Download/Listen]
Various Artists.

The cult ’80s film Heathers has gotten a reboot in the form of a new television series, premiering on the Paramount Network on October 25!  Pre-game the five-night binge event and own your copy of the Various Artists soundtrack!  Featuring tunes by DJ Shadow, Poison, Peggy Lee, and more, add this to your ever-expanding dark comedy playlist!



“In The Clear For Now” – HEATHERS SCORE ALBUM – [Download/Listen]
By Chris Alan Lee.

Ahead of the score album release, own “In The Clear For Now” from the forthcoming Heathers (Original Series Score), featuring original music by Series Composer Chris Alan Lee!  Get some instant gratification now before Heathers debuts on the Paramount Network!



Vinyl New Releases:


Score by Mark Isham.

Black Mirror: Arkangel Vinyl - Mark Isham | Lakeshore Records / Fire Records

Isham takes an eerie approach that recalls his murderously suspenseful tones for “Kiss the Girls” and “Don’t Say a Word,” with the attacker being good intentions, and the victim privacy. – Daniel Schweiger, Film Music Magazine

His “Black mirror” contribution is once again a step forward in the development of this sound with the pulsating electronic rhythms and the subtle sound effects that make me think of nature, of sun, of spring, like the peaceful and dreamy opening of “Arkangel”, a cue that forays into the ambient genre. – Soundtrack Dreams

The wildly popular Black Mirror series on Netflix adds a Mark Isham score!  From the episode directed by Jodie Foster, “Arkangel” (Season 4, Episode 2), Mark Isham brings us a cinematic score for the streaming series!  Featuring artwork by Butcher Billy, the special vinyl release is available now through our partners at Fire Records!


Score by Christopher Young.

Christopher Young’s Hellbound: Hellraiser II score arrives in time for Halloween!  This second film to one of the most enduring horror film franchises ever is considered a formidable follow up to Hellraiser, the first film.  In its 30th anniversary this year, Christopher Young has remixed and remastered his score just for this release!


Score by Christopher Young.

In celebration of Hellraiser’s 30th anniversary theatrical release last year, Lakeshore released a re-mastered version of Christopher Young’s original iconic score!  And now, for the very first time, a special collectible cassette run of the remastered soundtrack has been lovingly produced featuring a “Lament Configuration” J-card and a slipcover featuring the cenobite Pinhead in a classic cover art.


Digital Pre-orders:


HEATHERS (SCORE ALBUM) – [pre-order]
Score by Chris Alan Lee.

Series Composer Chris Alan Lee brings us his score to Heathers, the new series airing on the Paramount Network October 25!  The score album is out October 19, but you can pre-order the soundtrack now, which comes with the cues, “Viral Casualty” and “In The Clear For Now” as instant grat tracks!  Are you ready for Heathers?

Heathers (Original Series Score)
Chris Alan Lee

01. Heather Chandler is Looking for You
02. Viral Casualty
03. What the Queef is This?
04. American Carousel of Tragedy
05. Dear Diary
06. Discount HobGoblins
07. Heather is Back
08. I Am Suicide
09. Jade Can You Not Smoke Your Whore Cigarettes
10. What’s Your Damage?
11. You Always Had to Be Blue
12. Butcher’s Bridge
13. You Have the Political Beliefs of a Dorm Room Poster
14. This is Lizzy OMG U Never Buy Me Anything
15. Total Bootcut Jean
16. You’re A Dinner Roll. A Side Salad
17. Heather? We’re Okay. Right
18. It’s Always Been Veronica
19. JD’s Alibi
20. The Pent Up Rage of an Overachiever
21. Tag is for Little Girls, Betty
22. Dentist Trip
23. Moby Dick
24. JD vs. Heather C
25. JD vs. Veronica
26. Kissing Betty
27. In the Clear for Now
28. Heather vs. Heather
29. She Needs a Mani not a Pedo
30. The Royal Murder
31. Heaven & Hell
32. Oops. 911
33. The Devil’s Jizz
34. Human Red Flag
35. Coming For You
36. Lemmings Lament – Melanie Field
37. Heaven is a Place on Earth – Brendan Scannell, Melanie Field & Birgundi Baker

LIZZIE – [pre-order]
Score by Jeff Russo.

Lizzie Soundtrack - Jeff Russo | Lakeshore Records

A chilling reimagining of the Lizzie Borden murder. – New York Post

Lizzie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Jeff Russo

01. Lizzie Opening / Bridget Leaves Home
02. Pigeon Tower / Bridget Reads
03. New Letter
04. Bridget Cries in the Barn
05. Lizzie Sells Her Jewelry
06. Father Kills Pigeons / Lizzie Locked Herself in Her Room
07. Bridget Finds Telegram / Bridget’s Mom Dies
08. Lizzie Wakes Up
09. Lizzie and Bridget in Barn / Bridget and Lizzie Exchanging Letters
10. Bridget and Lizzie Kiss
11. The Funeral
12. Lizzie Goes to Jail / Lizzie in Court
13. Transition to Prison Cell / Bridget Writes to Lizzie
14. Back in Time
15. Lizzie Kills her Stepmother
16. Lizzie Grabs Some Pears / Bridget Tries to Kill the Father
17. Cleaning Up the Blood
18. Memories
19. End Credits (Lizzie Suite)

LIZZIE is a psychological thriller that reveals many layers of the strange and fragile Lizzie Borden, who stood accused of the infamous 1892 axe murder of her family in Fall River, Massachusetts. An unmarried woman of 32 and a social outcast, Lizzie (Chloë Sevigny) lives a claustrophobic life under her father’s cold and domineering control. When Bridget Sullivan (Kristen Stewart), a young maid, comes to work for the family, Lizzie finds a sympathetic, kindred spirit, and a secret intimacy soon blossoms into a wicked plan.

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SACRED LIES – [pre-order]
Score by Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli.

With episodes running at an economical half-hour, Sacred Lies maintains a solid enough balance between withholding answers and laying groundwork for the mysteries ahead. – Variety

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Sacred Lies (Original Television Soundtrack)
Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli

01. Sacred Lies
02. My Own Personal Prophet
03. Something I Can’t Explain
04. The Iron Slippers
05. Kevin Groth Never Fit In
06. Jude Where Are You
07. Starburst
08. Green Eyes
09. His Name Is Barnaby
10. He’ll Be Back Any Minute
11. See Trouble & Run Straight For It
12. Pissed Wine and Walked on Water
13. You Are Chosen
14. Louder Stronger Harder Slower
15. Barnaby Jumping Away
16. Welcome to My Church
17. Run Minnow Run
18. One Hundred Twenty Five Times
19. He Was Like Magic
20. You Are the Problem
21. Entering the Forest
22. St. Chad’s Day
23. Driving to Montana
24. She was a Good Kid
25. Huckleberries
26. That’s What the Prophet Would Do
27. He’s Got a Gun
28. Minnow’s Waltz
29. Angeltown
30. Cinderella
31. Charlie Is Going To Watch You Burn
32. Gone Baby Gone
33. The Big Bang
34. Don’t Talk To Me
35. It’s Not Enough
36. Monsters Aren’t Born They’re Created
37. Minnow Is Going To Come Back
38. What Did You Do Minnow
39. It Was Nice To Meet You Minnow Bly

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Based on both the Brothers Grimm story “The Handless Maiden” and Stephanie Oakes’ novel “The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly,” it concerns a teenager who finds herself in juvenile detention after escaping from a cult — and being suspected of knowing who’s responsible for the cult leader’s death. [IndieWire]


SCIENCE FAIR – [pre-order]
Score by Jeff Morrow.

 Inspirational and invigorating – Los Angeles Times

Science Fair (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Jeff Morrow

01. Science Fair
02. Jack
03. Dupont Manual
04. Perfect Score
05. Regionals
06. Top Four
07. Brookings
08. Unknown
09. Aerodynamics
10. Takeoff
11. Unwashed Puttock
12. Number Theory
13. Iracema
14. Beating the Odds
15. Road to ISEF
16. Pesto Panini
17. It’s Lit
18. Setup
19. Alumni
20. Nerves
21. Judgement
22. Big Ideas
23. Victory

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The 2018 Sundance Festival Favorite and SXSW Audience Award winning “Science Fair” follows teenagers from around the globe as they navigate rivalries, setbacks, and hormones on their journey to the international science fair.


AN AMERICAN HOME – [pre-order]
Score by Tyler Traband.

It’s a dazzling house with Wright really coming into his own as a great architect.— Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune Architecture Critic

An American Home: Frank Lloyd Wright’s B. Harley Bradley House (An Original Film Score)
Tyler Traband

01. Main Theme / B. Harley Bradley House
02. Turning Point
03. Status
04. The Story Begins
05. An Inviting Home
06. Flourishing in the Suburbs
07. Story time / Picking up FLW at the Depot
08. Hard Times (Version 1910)
09. Noncommittal
10. Main Theme (Taliesin Version)
11. The Birdman of Kankakee
12. Stuck in Neutral
13. Dirge for the Great Depression
14. Thriving after the Depression
15. Work up to the End
16. Innovations Fail
17. A Restoration Vow
18. A Poor Ranking and a Little Rankling
19. An Unstable Stable
20. A New Hope / The Magnificent Front Door
21. It Absorbed our Lives
22. The January Fire
23. Wright in Kankakee Realized
24. Artistry and Majesty / Leaded Glass Lives Again
25. Main Theme / The B. Harley Bradley House Reprise

An American Home is a documentary film profiling one of, if not the first, Prairie Style Home designed by the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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