Stranger Things Vol 1 Collectors Edition Vinyl Update

We could not be more excited about this Stranger Things soundtrack vinyl release. We’re updating the pre-order mock-ups with actual production vinyl photos. As we stated from the beginning mock-ups are for display purposes only.

Every hand pressed record is unique in its own way and we’re thrilled with this version for Volume 1 of the Collectors Edition which we’ve affectionately dubbed the “Demogorgon Swirl”. These photos are a much closer representation of what is actually shipping.

The hues and colors, as well as the patterns will vary from disc to disc, and side to side. It’s really hard to capture the exact look of vinyl as photos are dependent upon lighting and other factors. To help give everyone the best look at the pressing, we photographed two sets.

Honestly we’ve never, ever seen anything this cool or unique and we’ve seen A LOT of vinyl pressings.

The image on the left represents vinyl with a little more pink in the variant with the dark blue and red highlights. Both discs are front lit. The image on the right represents another set from the same pressing (also front lit) which leans more red with a slightly different pattern. The lower images on the right are of the same discs, back lit. Wow!

To see more actual photos keep checking our social media at Lakeshore Records IG and Lakeshore Loves Vinyl IG!

If our social media posts are any indication, everyone seems to be excited as we are for this Collectors Edition release on July 14th.


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