Narcos’ ‘Tuyo’ Lyrics Released To Rodrigo Amarante’s Theme Song, See Here!


The song lyrics to “Tuyo,” performed by Rodrigo Amarante is now available!  “Tuyo,” which means “yours” is the theme song heard at the opening credits of Narcos: A Netflix Original Series.  For series fans who have been following along, you can now gain more insight on the meaning of the song with lyrics translated into English and sing along in Spanish if so desired.  Released by Lakeshore Records, Narcos: A Netflix Original Series, Soundtrack By Pedro Bromfman is out now on Apple Music!

Narcos, the 10-episode series is now streaming on Netflix!  Read further to hear the song and follow along with the lyrics.

Download The Album!

Narcos: A Netflix Original Series, Soundtrack By Pedro Bromfman: iTunes


Soy el fuego que arde tu pielsoy el agua que mata tu sed
el castillo, la torre yo soy
la espada que guarda el caudal
tu el aire que respiro yo
y la luz de la luna en el mar
la garganta que ansío mojar
que temo ahogar de amor
y cuales deseos me vas a dar?
dices tu mi tesoro
basta con mirarlo
y tuyo será
y tuyo será
y tuyo será.



I’m the fire that burns your skin
I’m the water that quenches your thirst
the castle, the tower, I am
the sword that guards the fortune
You, the air that I breathe
and the light of the moon
over the sea
the throat that urge to drench
that I fear to drown
with love
and what wishes will you grant me?
you tell me my treasure,
all you have to do is look at it
and it’ll be yours
and it’ll be yours
it’ll be yours

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4 thoughts on “Narcos’ ‘Tuyo’ Lyrics Released To Rodrigo Amarante’s Theme Song, See Here!”

  1. The theme song of Narcos Tuyo is my alarm song and i plays until I leave the house for work .I could listen to this song over and over again all day long
    Tuyo is so magical .It stirs my blood. ❤️

    1. Meet tooo still an amateur Spanish speaker but language has nothing on music ♡♡♡ I am going to learn this song lolol

  2. I love the stories fiction or not behind this story. And this song is amazing in evoking the emotion of life then in that Era and today

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