Wednesday: Mlny Parsonz, Geno Lenardo, Brian Liesegang, And Will Hunt Cover Heart’s ‘Barracuda’

On September 18, Lakeshore Records will release two soundtrack albums to accompany John Bergin’s newest comic book, Wednesday.

The book tells the story of Wednesday, a sixteen-year-old girl living in a post-apocalyptic world, hiding under a scrap yard.  On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Wednesday’s father is kidnapped by bounty hunters.  In order to save him, Wednesday ventures into the wasteland.  Armed with only her wits and driving a pristine, restored 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, Wednesday overcomes bandits, killer machines and a deadly assassin from the past.


There is no song more aptly suited to score a scene of a girl tearing across a post-apocalyptic wasteland behind the wheel of a ’71 Cuda than Heart’s classic heavy metal hit, “Barracuda.”

And there is no one in the modern classic-rock revival scene more than able to shoulder the weight of covering such a monolithically, classically-heavy song than Royal Thunder vocalist-bassist, Mlny Parsonz.

“Frontwoman Mlny Parsonz – whose impassioned yowls set the group’s dramatic and occasionally Zeppelin-esque riffs apart from other upstart psychedelic headbangers – underwent her own often-harrowing journey over recent years, one that informs Royal Thunder’s latest album, Crooked Doors… guitars seethe between bluesy riffs and dark grooves, cymbals shimmy around jangly organ and, through it all, Parsonz hollers like a prisoner set free.  The desperation in her tone fits the themes she’s singing about…” – Rolling Stone

“…a voice that has been compared to such hard-edged female leads as Joan Jett, Parsonz “fronts” Royal Thunder songs that make listeners feel like they’re attending some sort of grungy death celebration. Imagine early Nirvana veering toward a metal phase, with lots of slow-burning candles.” – Creative Loafing

Check out our teaser of Geno Lenardo’s “Barracuda.” Backing Geno Lenardo’s bone-crushingly heavy electronic cover is Brian Liesegang with additional keyboards and programming (Filter, NIN) and Evanescence’s Will Hunt on drums.

Mlny’s band, Royal Thunder, will be touring this fall in support of The Sword. More info here at Royal Thunder on Facebook.

Check out Royal Thunder music, merch, videos on Bandcamp.

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