Editor’s Pick: ‘Draft Day’ Selected By Film Music Magazine

Film music journalist Daniel Schweiger has selected Draft Day (scored by John Debney) as part of his April Soundtrack Picks shortlist at Film Music Magazine.

“But darned if Debney’s propulsive, ever-intensifying score doesn’t make you think that you’re listening to the music for the be-all end-all game, right down to the big pitch, sustained anticipation, and winning play of a soaring orchestra – here passed to the tune of millions of dollars.”  Read the full article at Film Music Magazine.

Lakeshore Records: Draft Day April Soundtrack Pick by Film Music Magazine

Schweiger writes for the On The Score section at Film Music Magazine and has interviewed the top film composers in the business, including Stephen Endelman (Rob The Mob), Clint Mansell (Faster, Smokin’ Aces), Cliff Martinez (Drive), Brian Reitzell (Boss), Brian Tyler (Transformers Prime), and John Debney.

Download The Album!

Draft Day: Download | Buy CD


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