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Exclusive! Watch VH x RR’s ‘Calm Down Lover’ Lyric Video (World Premiere)

With just two weeks left until the arrival of VH x RR’s new album, The Persistence of Memory, Lakeshore Records and VH x RR is giving people a treat: a full-length lyric video for “Calm Down Lover!”  The song has been teased quite a bit over the past couple of weeks on social media, but this is the first time the song will be presented in the context of the lyrics in all its glory. Continue reading Exclusive! Watch VH x RR’s ‘Calm Down Lover’ Lyric Video (World Premiere)

Free Music Fridays: Superbad – The Soundtrack To The Classic Coming of Age Comedy!

Horny is as horny does in the sweetly absurd high school comedy “Superbad.” – New York Times

McLovin’ It – Roger Ebert

While high schoolers are graduating across the country during these uncertain times, there is one thing we can be sure of: good times and some funky music courtesy of Superbad, the classic coming of age comedy starring a very young Jonah Hill and Michael Cera!  The soundtrack, featuring score by Lyle Workman (“Love”, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Stand Up Guys) and Bootsy Collins, performed by a reunion of the original JBs rhythm section with Bootsy and Phelps Collins, Clyde Stubblefield, and Jabo Starks, and Bernie Worrell, is the perfect addition to your end of school year playlist.  Also featured are songs by artists such as Curtis Mayfield and Rick James. is the perfect playlist to end the school year.  As a graduation gift, Lakeshore Records is giving away 100 free download codes to this album for graduates and the kids at heart!

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‘Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime’ Soundtrack By Bo D Debuts Digitally!

Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 - Bo D | Lakeshore Records

“Lexie Lowell and Jeff Kenny… each bring perfect comedic timing to this sci-fi adventure.” – Horror Buzz

Ever wonder what the fear of missing out feels like?  We don’t want to find out!  In Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime, an awkward OCD physics genius and a hot ex-Catholic sorority girl wake up after blacking out Halloween night to discover they missed the evacuation of Earth.  But, that’s not all!  Grab a Zoom buddy and stream this joy ride of a film.  You can watch Spacetime movie now free on Prime Video.

Lakeshore Records has released two volumes of the soundtrack (out now on all major digital music services), featuring original music created by Bo D (Jonathan T. Baker), who happens to be the writer, director and co-star of the film (he plays the Agent).   See album listening links, tracks lists and more below.

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Review: Emile Mosseri’s ‘Homecoming’ Score Straddles Film Music’s Past and Present | Vulture

Homecoming Season 2 Soundtrack - Emile Mosseri | Lakeshore Records

That score comfortably played with colors from the past — Michael Nyman–like minimalism, French New Wave lyricism, and elegant orchestration — but with the undeniable stamp of an artist who has something to say. It’s the perfect combination for a series with one foot in film-music history, and one in the streaming future. – Vulture

Emile Mosseri’s exquisite Homecoming Season 2 score is the central figure in this new piece at Vulture, profiling the composer and his big, cinematic composition for the hit Amazon Original Series!  If you were wondering what Emile has been up to since releasing The Last Black Man in San Francisco soundtrack, aside from announcing his new band Human Love’s forrthcming EP this summer, then you may be thrilled as a film music fan to dive into this interview and find out how Emile worked to create the sonic mood of this anthology series centered around the mysterious Geist Group.

Homecoming (Music From The Amazon Original Series) is out now on Lakeshore Records: [Download/Listen]

Watch Now: Composer Jean-Michel Bernard In Concert (2017) | Krakow Film Music Festival

Isn’t it good to watch your favorite composer perform live?  Krakow Film Festival features French Composer Jean-Michel Bernard for his 2017 concert at the festival as he performs a piano medley of film music’s hits such as: E.T., Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible, Schindler’s List, Taxi Driver and Spartacus.  Watch now via Krakow Film Music Festival online.

On Thursday, following the track of the piano craftsmanship, we will invoke the concert of a French composer and an outstanding pianist – Jean-Michel Bernard. When it comes to the music genres, we will hear in it almost everything – nostalgic waltzes and lullabies, lyrical cantilenas and complicated jazz rhythms, nostalgic blues and a fiery ragtime performed for an encore. Concert repertoire will include, among others, such hits as: E.T., Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible, Schindler’s List, Taxi Driver and Spartacus.

This year’s Krakow Film Music Festival takes place in an online version.  More information on

Watch Now:

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