EXCLUSIVE: Listen To ‘The Silent Service Main Theme’ By Yoshihiro Ike, Japanese Naval Thriller Now Streaming On Prime Video!

We have a first listen to the score from The Silent Service by Yoshihiro Ike!  Based on a popular Manga series of the same name, the live action Japanese action film starring Takao Osawa is now streaming as a film and TV series on Prime Video. The tension-filled orchestral score mixes eerie, mournful strings with heavy percussion to create a forbidding backdrop to the naval thriller.  Listen to “The Silent Service Main Theme” below.

The Silent Service (Prime Video Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) releasees globally on Friday, May 17 on all major digital music services!

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Track List

01. Silent Service Main Title
02. Tatsunami Sail
03. Crushing
04. Flood
05. Fukamachi’s Intuition
06. Water Pressure
07. The Plan Seabat
08. Departure of Yamato
09. Swamp
10. Kaieda Rebellion
11. Their Mission
12. Nuclear Payload
13. The Course Towards the Mariana Trench
14. Departure of Tatsunami
15. Deployment of the Seventh Fleet
16. The Course Towards the Philippine Sea
17. Broach
18. The Warhead Is Not Ordinary
19. Seabat vs. Ronald Reagan
20. Independent State of Yamato
21. The Wrath of Leviathan
22. Torpedo Battle Stations, Ready
23. Asroc Launch
24. The Whale’s Lament
25. Rough Seas
26. Southern Cross Descent
27. Prime Minister Takegami’s Decision
28. Rough Waves
29. The Whale Swimming
30. Tatsunami’s Struggle
31. The Abandonment of Nuclear Weapons
32. Calm
33. Harusame Was Hit
34. The Determination of Japan
35. Good or Bad
36. The Will of Yamato
37. Tatsunami Surfacing
38. Silent Service Main Title (Short Version)

The Silent Service is a popular manga series written and illustrated by artist Kaiji Kawaguchi, which was published in Kodansha’s Weekly Morningmanga magazine from 1988 to 1996, and has sold a total of 32 million copies.

The story, set in Japan’s first nuclear submarine, depicts the unpredictable actions of its captain, Shiro Kaieda, as he attempts to realize his ideal world. The story makes audience think about true peace amidst the tension of the complex intermingling of the thoughts of various nations.


Yoshihiro Ike (池 頼広, Ike Yoshihiro) is a Japanese composer, music arranger, and bassist.

He makes his major-label debut in 1987 as a bassist in the band Aike Band.

Later, he plays the bass for renowned musicians in LA.

He is best known for scoring and composing music for film, TV dramas, anime and video games. He has worked on over 100 titles in the last 20 years. His most recognized composing works are『AIBOU: Tokyo Detective Duo』series (2002–present), 『Tiger & Bunny』(2011&2022), 『Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary』 (2014), 『Shadowverse』(2016- present)『B: The Beginning』 (2018), 『Dororo』(2019),『Knights of the Zodiac:Saint Seiya』(2019- present), 『Knights of the Zodiac The Beginning』(2023), and 『The Silent Service』(2023)

His score for the anime film, Blood: The Last Vampire, was nominated for the 2000 UK Music Awards under the soundtrack category, and subsequently awarded the top prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2001 by the Agency for Cultural affairs. In 2018, Shadowverse original soundtracks became the highest-ranking album on iTunes, surpassing Shallow by Lady Gaga.

In 2019, He hold an orchestral concert at Anime Expo 2019. Ike’s collection of anime soundtracks from Tiger & Bunny, Saint Seiya, B: The Beginning, and Dororo as well as his works on game soundtracks from Rage of Bahamut: Genesis and Shadowverse will be performed in his first international concert with over 50 of musicians from Los Angeles and Nashville, along with a special performance by a koto harpist and a shakuhachi flutist from Japan.

In 1988, he joined David T. Walker’s solo album Ahimsa as a bassist in Los Angeles.

In 1994, he starts composing for movies, series, anime, and games.

In 2012, Ike won the 35th Japan Academy Film Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Music Award for his work on The Detective Is in the Bar.

In 2023, Ike won the 46th Japan Academy Film Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Music Award for his work on Anime Supremacy! (film).

Watch the trailer for The Silent Service:



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