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Remembering Darby Crash: Co-Founder Of Seminal Punk Rock Band The Germs

Darby Crash is a punk rock icon who passed away on December 4, 1980.  His death by an intentional heroine overdose was overshadowed by the death of John Lennon, just one day later.  Crash was the co-founder of seminal Los Angeles punk rock band The Germs, which initially included Pat Smear and The Go-Go’s Belinda Carlisle (who never got to play live with the band due to illness).  Directed by Rodger Grossman, What We Do Is Secret (2007) is a biopic starring Shane West (Red Sky, TV’s ER, A Walk To Remember) and Bijou Phillips (Almost Famous, Hostel Part II), which retold the story of Crash and his notorious band’s swift rise and crash to a new generation.  Los Angeles natives will appreciate this nostalgic trip down punk rock history and the nod to legendary DJ, Rodney Bingenheimer of KROQ.

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What We Do Is Secret (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes | Buy CD



The new material also sounds a bit tidy next to the classic L.A. punk tunes by the Weirdosthe Bags and X that have been added for the sake of local color, though Alice Cooper‘s “You Drive Me Nervous” tips the hat to an obvious influence and anyone who knows Crash‘s story will appreciate the two David Bowie tracks that open and close the album. -Mark Deming, AllMusic.com

 What We Do Is Secret Soundtrack On Lakeshore Records

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Out Now: ‘Red Sky’ Soundtrack Follows Director Mario Van Peebles’ Vision of Personal & Military Honor | Score By Timothy Williams

“[Director] Mario Van Peebles was very passionately involved with the score, and wanted to focus not just on the action and the espionage, but the relational and emotional music,” said Williams. “For him the quieter cues were as important if not more important than the full on action cues.” –Vents Magazine 

Available now on iTunes: Red Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), released by Lakeshore Records.  Timothy Williams, orchestrator on such films as The Darkest HourSuper, Doomsday and last weekend’s box office hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, collaborated with Director Mario Van Peebles to produce his first film score in Red Sky (rent it on iTunes).  Red Sky OST CDs will be available on September 9.

Lakeshore Records: Red Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Timothy Williams utilized a full range of sounds to highlight the intensity, jeopardy and tenderness during key moments of the film.  As much as you’ll hear the power behind the heavy percussion and massive guitars, you will also experience gentle strings and exotic instruments.

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Red Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Read more about Timothy Williams and Red Sky Soundtrack.


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