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Out Now: ‘Red Sky’ Soundtrack Follows Director Mario Van Peebles’ Vision of Personal & Military Honor | Score By Timothy Williams

“[Director] Mario Van Peebles was very passionately involved with the score, and wanted to focus not just on the action and the espionage, but the relational and emotional music,” said Williams. “For him the quieter cues were as important if not more important than the full on action cues.” –Vents Magazine 

Available now on iTunes: Red Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), released by Lakeshore Records.  Timothy Williams, orchestrator on such films as The Darkest HourSuper, Doomsday and last weekend’s box office hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, collaborated with Director Mario Van Peebles to produce his first film score in Red Sky (rent it on iTunes).  Red Sky OST CDs will be available on September 9.

Lakeshore Records: Red Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Timothy Williams utilized a full range of sounds to highlight the intensity, jeopardy and tenderness during key moments of the film.  As much as you’ll hear the power behind the heavy percussion and massive guitars, you will also experience gentle strings and exotic instruments.

Download The Album!

Red Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Orchestrator Timothy Williams Scores On Red Sky!

With every film he composes, Composer Timothy Williams (The Darkest Hour, Super, Doomsday) embues his music with the heart of the story.  Lakeshore Records is excited to announce the release of Red Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), with music by Timothy Williams.  Williams is also the Orchestrator for Guardians of the Galaxy, scored by Composer Tyler Bates (The Darkest HourSuperDoomsday, Watchmen), opening this weekend.  Red Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) comes out on Tuesday, August 5th, but you can pre-order the album today.

Lakeshore Records: Red Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), music by Timothy Williams

Collaborating with Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Tyler Bates, Williams’ goal was to realize Bates’ musical objectives and Director James Gunn’s underlying message of an intergalactic “family” comprised of a rag-tag group of space-criminals with heart.  The film has been described as a space opera — Marvel‘s answer to Star Wars.  With all the high adventure, pageantry and epic destruction, the comparison is an easy one.  With a team like Tyler Bates and Timothy Williams painting in the colors of the universe through the film score, expect the cosmos at your ears.

Pre-Order The Album!

Red Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes


Read more about Timothy Williams in our upcoming Composer Interview, coming next week.

Watch the Guardians of the Galaxy movie trailer:


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