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Happy Huluween! 15 Horror Movies You Can Stream Now on Hulu

31 Days of Hallowwen: The Canal, Hellraiser, Saw Anthology Vol. 1, I Trapped The Devil and more!

Hulu is getting into the Halloween spirit with Huluween: a curated collection of horror titles from movies to TV shows you can stream now on their service.  We’ve handpicked 15 Lakeshore Records soundtrack titles from their library for your consideration.  Have you seen all of these films yet?  See below for links to listen to the albums!

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Throwback Thursday: The Jigsaw and What Keeps You Alive Connection You May Have Missed

In this edition of Throwback Thursday, we offer a bit of movie trivia for those fans out there who may have noticed some familiar faces in What Keeps You Alive, starring Brittany Allen and Hannah Emily Anderson.  Last year, both actresses appeared in Jigsaw, although they never shared scenes together.  If you’re not already cueing up Jigsaw to verify this fact, you can watch the film on iTunes Movies and Amazon Prime Video now.  Lakeshore also released Charlie Clouser’s score to Jigsaw, which you can download and listen to here.  


Charlie Clouser’s ‘Saw’ Theme Makes 10 Best Horror Film & TV Themes List | Mandatory

Previously, we covered the fact that two Lakeshore Records television themes made Mandatory’s Best Of list, and now, here’s our dedicated coverage of Charlie Clouser’s Saw theme, “Hello Zepp,” which makes Mandatory’s 10 Best Horror Film and TV Themes list at No. 3 — holy smokes!  There’s a bit to unpack here, which warrants this dedicated post:

Lakeshore release Saw Anthology album (Volume 1 & Volume 2) is comprised of highlights from all eight films of the Saw franchise!  The album is released on digital, vinyl and CD formats.  

Saw Anthology, Volume 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Download and Listen Here: [Volume 1]


Saw Anthology, Volume 2 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Download and Listen Here:  [Volume 2]


Jigsaw – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – [Download/Listen]

Charlie Clouser’s score to the eighth Saw film includes an incarnation of the “Hello Zepp” theme in the form of “Zepp Eight.” Have you been a follower of the Saw film franchise?  Are you a Charlie Clouser Saw score aficionado?  Chime in below!




Charlie Clouser ‘Saw Anthology’ Podcast | Birth.Movies.Death

His hard driving, ear-splitting, cacophonic concoction of twisted metal, drum beats, and industrial waste set to music has been the perfect solution for the ultimate Saw riddle. – Score Keeper, Birth.Movies.Death


An epic anthology release deserves an epic composer interview! Our podcast guru Tony Giles chats with Charlie Clouser about his Saw Anthology release, which is comprised of the best scores hand-selected from all eight Saw films!  Saw and Charlie Clouser fans don’t want to miss this insider talk.  Check out the Lakeshore podcast now exclusively at Birth.Movies.Death.

Order Saw Anthology Vinyl: FYE US | HMV UK

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Preview Jigsaw (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):

Show Your Devotion: Own ‘Jigsaw’ Now on Blu-ray/DVD + 4K!

Jigsaw, the eight film in the Saw film franchise is now available on Blu-ray, DVD & 4K Ultra HD!  If ever there was a time to complete your Saw film collection, the time would be now.  With the announcement of the Saw Anthology vinyl release coming out next month, your bragging rights on owning the ultimate Saw collection are within your grasp!

Part of what made this franchise so special was Charlie Clouser’s haunting, chilling and gripping music, a feast of atmospheric texture that I still listen to quite often; I am not even only talking about the iconic “Hello Zepp” main theme that keeps being reworked with every new instalment [sic] but about the entire soundscape. – Soundtrack Dreams

Soundtrack Available Now: Download // Stream 

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures present JIGSAW, available now on Digital (get it on iTunes),  Blu-ray/DVD and 4K Ultra HD (order here).