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Exclusive! Jeff Russo’s Sought-After Legion Season 2 Score Comes To Vinyl!

“The soundtrack to Legion is the perfect companion for the show… packed full of atmosphere and passion to make for a thought-provoking listening experience.”  Set The Tape
 “The most brazenly inventive series on TV”  
Matt Zoller Seitz, New York Magazine/Vulture
“On ‘Legion,’ Psychedelia Meets Indie Rock to Make TV’s Best Superhero Soundtrack”  – Pitchfork

Lakeshore Records is thrilled to release Jeff Russo’s score to FX’s hit series, Legion! Last week, the cover songs vinyl album, It’s Always Blue Songs From Legion was released, and now, the long-awaited Score Album is headed your way! EMMY® Award Winning composer Jeff Russo has scored numerous hit TV shows (Fargo, The Night Of,  Star Trek: Discovery, Altered Carbon and more).

Jeff Russo also scored the Peabody Awards-nominated Legion Season 1 and the Star Trek: Discovery TV series.  He returns for Legion Season 2, crafting a mesmerizing, emotionally intense, epic soundtrack, featuring innovative orchestral and synth music along with alternative instruments throughout.

Jeff is a founder, lead guitarist, songwriter of two-time GRAMMY Award®nominated, multi platinum rock band, Tonic.

FX has confirmed Legion will be back for a 3rd season! Catch up on all seasons of Legion FX on FX+ (requires cable login) or on iTunes (get it here)!

Pre-order Now: [Webshop]


1x Transparent Blue Vinyl
List Price:  $24.98
Release Date:  02/25/19

About The Show:
From Marvel Comics comes  Legion the story of “David Haller” (Dan Stevens) a man who believed himself to be schizophrenic only to discover that he may actually be the most powerful mutant the world has ever seen.

 Track Listing:

 Side  A:  19 minutes

01.  Dance Battle 5:12

02.  Farouk/The Shadow King 5:13

03.  Future Syd 5:11

04.  End of Life 0:51

05.  Lost in the Desert 1:55

Side  B:  16 minutes

06.  Behind Blue Eyes/Opening Battle 4:52

07.  89 Days 6:30

08.  202 Main on Ends (Full Version) 2:55

09.  Sliding Door David 1:01

10.  Laboratory 0:46

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Legion ‘It’s Always Blue: Songs From Legion’ Vinyl Announced! | Slash Film

Reimagined tracks include “Behind Blue Eyes” and “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” featuring Noah Hawley on lead vocals and Jeff Russo on harmony vocals while playing all other instruments, including the Moog Synthesizer IIIc. – Slash Film

Our friends over at Slash Film have the full artwork reveal of the forthcoming It’s Always Blue: Songs From Legion vinyl album!  Pressed in transparent blue, the sought-after cover songs soundtrack from Legion Season 2 can now be yours for the spinning in this eye-catching format!  Featuring Noah Hawley and Jeff Russo’s renditions of classic songs like “Behind Blue Eyes” and “Don’t Come Around Here No More”, and vocals on select songs by the show’s Dan Stevens, Navid Negahban and Rachel Keller, this collectible vinyl is a must-have for fans of the FX hit series!  The record hits shelves and online on January 22, 2019, but you can pre-order it now on the Lakeshore Webshop!

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]


Side A:
01. White Rabbit – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 3:55
02. White Room – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 5:11
03. Burning Down the House – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 4:38
04. Don’t Come Around Here No More – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 6:18

Side B:
05. Change the World – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 4:01
06. Superman – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 2:57
07. Behind Blue Eyes – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 3:14
08. Nothing In This World – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 3:46
09. Cornflake Girl – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 3:43


Stream Legion Season 2 now on iTunes!


EXCLUSIVE! Preview The ‘Trust’ Original Series Soundtrack – Score By James Lavelle of UNKLE!

Ahead of the Trust – Original Series Soundtrack release via Lakeshore Records, Film Music Daily has the exclusive premiere of the album preview!  This is the only place you can hear snippets of the album anywhere in the world for the next 24 hours!  The album featuring score by James Lavelle of UNKLE debuts digitally worldwide on Friday, November 9.

Pre-order The Album: [iTunes]

TRUST is created by Simon Beaufoy (who directed the first three episodes) and executive produced by Danny Boyle, Beaufoy and Christian Colson – the Academy Award®-winning team behind Slumdog Millionaire, now streaming on FX+ and BBC Two on the iPlayer!

Trust Soundtrack Premiere ‘The Rig’ By James Lavelle (UNKLE) | Magnetic Magazine

“The Rig” is a dark and brooding bit of synth work with chugging synths that slowly rise and fall along a steady kick and builds with gravelly white noise in the background. Echoing piano provides a moody element to the track that isn’t going too much, but still captivates the listener with each keystroke. – Magnetic Magazine


Listen to “The Rig” by James Lavelle from the forthcoming Trust – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack now at Magnetic Magazine! This is the second premiere from the album out digitally on Friday, November 9 via Lakeshore Records.  The historical true crime 10-part series starts off in 1973, therefore, “The Rig” is inspired by the era’s aesthetics and references “the beginnings of the Italo Disco and Moroder sounds that became so popular.”  Read the full story now at Magnetic Magazine!

Pre-order The Album: [iTunes]

Stream all episodes of TRUST Season 1 on FX+ or iTunes.


Premiere: Listen To The Theme From ‘Trust’ on FX by James Lavelle of UNKLE | Under The Radar

“Theme from Trust (Shadow Beat),” premiered exclusively below, with its propulsive electronic beats overlaid by lush strings, which sets a grand, sweeping tone befitting of the series’ subject matter — dropping out from under the listener at its end with an affecting, melancholic piano melody. – Under The Radar

Ahead of the Trust – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack release, listen to an exclusive track, “Theme From Trust (Shadow Beat)[Orchestral Variation]” by James Lavelle now at Under The Radar!  This is the only place you can listen to a preview from the album, available for pre-order now on Apple Music and iTunes.  James Lavelle is a musician, producer and founder of Mo’ Wax label, also known for founding the pioneering British music group, UNKLE.

Pre-order The Album: [iTunes]

Stream all episodes of TRUST Season 1 on FX+ or iTunes.