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Operation Mincemeat: Critics Love Thomas Newman’s Score, Now Streaming on Netflix

Operation Mincemeat is a Top 5 movie now streaming on Netflix! But, what do critics think of the film score by Thomas Newman, Academy Award-nominated, Emmy and Grammy Award-winning composer (Skyfall, Bridge of Spies)?  Find out what critics say below.

Operation Mincemeat–Soundtrack from the Netflix Film is out now digitally via Lakeshore Records.

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Operation Mincemeat: Score By Thomas Newman Releases Globally!

“For the drama, Newman looked to craft a striking orchestral score, which evoked intensely dramatic action, while befitting more nuanced moments.” – Deadline

Lakeshore Records has released Operation Mincemeat—Soundtrack From The Netflix Film featuring music by Academy Award-nominated, Emmy and Grammy Award-winning composer Thomas Newman (Skyfall, Bridge of Spies). The album outside of the Americas is titled Operation Mincemeat—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The striking orchestral score, which evokes both intensely dramatic action as well as more nuanced moments is an integral element of the film’s thrillingly classic storytelling.

Directed by John Madden and starring Colin Firth, Matthew Macfadyen, Kelly Macdonald, Penelope Wilton, Operation Mincemeat opens in UK theaters today and in select U.S. theaters May 6. The film will premiere in the U.S. on Netflix May 11. The film is produced by See-Saw Films and Cohen Media Group, in association with Archery Pictures.

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Supernova: Score By Keaton Henson Debuts Digitally! Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci Film Now Playing In US Theaters

Supernova (Original Motion Picturre Soundtrack - Keaton Henson | Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records has released Supernova—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, available now digitally on all major music services!  Composed by cult folk rock hero, artist and poet Keaton Henson, the score dives deep into the heart of the moving and heartbreaking film with an immaculate and evocative presentation of strings and piano.  Keep reading to view the album purchase and listening links, tracklist, and learn more about Keaton Henson below.

The film was written and directed by Harry MacQueen and stars Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci. The film was produced by Quiddity Films and The Bureau and is now playing in theaters via Bleeker Street.

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Now On Netflix: The Coen Brothers Team Up Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman & Colin Firth For ‘Gambit’

Catch the Coen Brothers film Gambit now on Netflix, and grab the soundtrack by Lakeshore Records. Scored by Rolfe Kent (Reign Over Me, Thank You For Smoking, The Hunting Party), with music from Robby Armstrong, Peggy Lee and Moe Brandy, the classy soundtrack is a smart, sassy and groovy accompaniment to this modern take on the 1966 film (which starred Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine), is an easy watch for the Independence Day weekend.

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If you’re going to con your boss, who happens to be an eccentric multi-millionaire (played deliciously by Alan Rickman), hiring the effervescent Cameron Diaz to help make it happen could be the best choice ever, unless of course, the boss is superbly charming and Diaz’s (“PJ”) happens to be a dead ringer for his deceased wife. With the disgruntled art collector (Colin Firth) driving the heist, hilarity is sure to ensue.  Also not to be missed: Stanley Tucci’s arty “German” character.

Download The Album!

Gambit (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

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Now On iTunes: Download The ‘Gambit’ Soundtrack | Score By Rolfe Kent

Out now: download your copy of the new Lakeshore Records soundtrack, Gambit, from the movie starring Alan Rickman (Nobel Son), Colin Firth (Emperor) and Cameron Diaz (Focus Features 10: Sex Tape).  Scored by Rolfe Kent (Reign Over Me) and original songs by Robby Armstrong, the album exudes class and a sense of upbeat comedic rhythm reminiscent of films from decades past.  Is this a modern remake of the 1966 film by the same name?  Watch Gambit (watch it on vudu) and decide for yourself.  The music itself has a timeless quality that you will want to maintain on your regular playlist.

Lakeshore Records: 'Gambit' Soundtrack

What happens when a high-level art collector (Colin Firth) decides to hire a rodeo queen (Cameron Diaz) to help rob his ridiculously wealthy and charming boss (Alan Rickman)?

Download The Album! Gambit 

Track Listings

Various Artists

01. Rodeo – Robby Armstrong

02. Smokin & Drinkin – Robby Armstrong

03. Birthday Happy – Robby Armstrong

04. Once – Peggy Lee

05. Deep in the Heart of Texas – Moe Brandy

06. Gambit Overture – Rolfe Kent

07. I Have a Plan – Rolfe Kent

08. The Auction – Rolfe Kent

09. Harry’s Fantasy Appraisal – Rolfe Kent

10. The Waiting Room – Rolfe Kent

11. The Savoy _ Ming Vase – Rolfe Kent

12. Harry on the Ledge – Rolfe Kent

13. PJ Gets Personal – Rolfe Kent

14. Harry Meets the Lion – Rolfe Kent

15. Zaidenweber Inspects – Rolfe Kent

16. Harry Exposes the Fake – Rolfe Kent

17. Meanwhile – Rolfe Kent