Supernova: Score By Keaton Henson Debuts Digitally! Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci Film Now Playing In US Theaters

Supernova (Original Motion Picturre Soundtrack - Keaton Henson | Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records has released Supernova—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, available now digitally on all major music services!  Composed by cult folk rock hero, artist and poet Keaton Henson, the score dives deep into the heart of the moving and heartbreaking film with an immaculate and evocative presentation of strings and piano.  Keep reading to view the album purchase and listening links, tracklist, and learn more about Keaton Henson below.

The film was written and directed by Harry MacQueen and stars Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci. The film was produced by Quiddity Films and The Bureau and is now playing in theaters via Bleeker Street.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Track List
01. The Night Sky
02. Losing Tusker
03. The Lake
04. The Road To Lilly’s
05. A Silent Drive
06. Stargazing
07. Let Me Be With You
08. Supernova
09. Salut d’Amour – Jeremy Young


From writer and director HARRY MACQUEEN (Hinterland) comes Supernova, a heartrending modern love story about a couple struggling with a diagnosis of early-onset dementia who take a road trip together to reconnect with friends, family and places from their past.
Sam and Tusker have spent twenty years together, and they are as passionately in love as they have ever been. But in the two years since Tusker was diagnosed with young-onset dementia, their lives have had to change. As Tusker’s condition has progressed, Sam has been forced to place his life on hold and become his partner’s full-time carer, their time together has become the most important aspect of their lives, and every moment they now share has a weight it once did not. So, they plan a road trip while Tusker is still able to travel, to reconnect with friends and family and visit the places of their past.

Keaton Henson is an English musician, composer, visual artist and poet whose work has explored a complex array of feelings and themes; from selfishness in love, to mental illness and his struggles with notoriety.

Henson’s music career began by accident, when encouraged by a friend to put a collection of secret songs he had recorded online. They gained traction fast, soon being picked up by Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, among others, forcing Henson out of his bedroom and into the spotlight. This collection of Songs became “Dear…”, his first record, which was originally released in handmade packaging, each copy with a unique hand drawn cover and the recipient’s name inserted into the album title. This led quickly to a major label re-release, followed by a small tour of tiny intimate shows in museums around the country, and eventually the recording of its critically acclaimed follow-up, “Birthdays”, in Los Angeles.

Since then, fast becoming a cult hero, Henson’s projects have varied wildly. From successful poetry books and art exhibitions, to out of the blue classical composition “Romantic Works” and brooding electronic side project “Behaving”. Henson is an artist who rarely chooses to do the obvious thing but carries through every project a unique spirit of vulnerability and stark emotional honesty.

In 2016, at the height of an album campaign and following a sold-out show at the London Palladium, Henson abruptly released “Epilogue”, an enigmatic song seeming to say goodbye to his career as a singer-songwriter. The circumstances that led to the release of “Epilogue” were explored in his following project, the vast. ambitious project “Six Lethargies for string orchestra”, which examines mental illness from the inside out, intending to not only explain the feelings of anxiety and trauma but, in certain movements, to make the listener experience them. For its first performance at London’s Barbican a section of the audience was hooked up to bio-monitors, their anxiety levels controlling the venue’s lighting rig.

Henson’s most recent project is “Monument”, an album about loss, and dealing with losing the ones we love, but told, in incredibly candid detail, through the aspects of our lives that surround the trauma itself, about love, ageing, recovery, life, seen through the prism of grief.
Henson’s music has appeared in BBC Three zombie drama In the Flesh, Ricky Gervais’s sitcom Derek, CBS procedural drama Elementary, and in the 2014 film X+Y. Supernova marks his first original score for a motion picture.

Bleecker Street presents SUPERNOVA, now playing in US theaters and on Digital February 16.

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