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Vinyl : Brian Reitzell’s ‘Boss’ Soundtrack 2LP Features Music Created For The Show By Robert Plant, Jim James, Members of Explosions In The Sky And More!



Before Brian Reitzell took up reins as the series composer and music supervisor on the acclaimed NBC show, Hannibal, he was the composer of Starz’s hit series, Boss, starring Kelsey Grammer as the deranged Chicago politician.  Lakeshore Records released Brian’s carefully-curated album for the series, featuring songs from Wilco and Robert Plant, as well as tracks created specifically for the show in collaboration with a variety of artists, including Oneohtrix Point Never and members of Explosions in the Sky, My Morning Jacket, Air, Shearwater, Califone, and more.  Read further to see the track list with details.


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An Interview With ‘Hannibal’ Composer Brian Reitzell On His ‘Boss’ Score

Lakeshore Records sat down with Composer Brian Reitzell back in 2013 to discuss his work on the Starz drama series, BOSS, starring Kelsey Grammer.  In the interview, Brian takes us through his musical career over the years from his band days with Redd Kross to scoring for television.  Before composing and serving as music supervisor on Hannibal, the acclaimed NBC television series, he was also known for his work on Starz’s BOSS television series.  BOSS (Original Television Soundtrack) features original music by Brian Reitzell, including the exclusive “Boss Remix” version of Led Zeppelin’s “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down” — available now on iTunes via Lakeshore Records.  Read further to hear the interview now and access a playlist of Brian Reitzell’s Hannibal score!

Watch the Hannibal season finale on Saturday, August 29 at 10/9c on NBC.

Lakeshore Records: Composer Brian Reitzell

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Lakeshore Records To Release NBC’s ‘Hannibal’ Soundtrack, Season One & Two Score By Brian Reitzell

Brian Reitzell’s score for HANNIBAL is the greatest TV scoring job since Angelo Badalamenti’s TWIN PEAKS.” – Matt Zoller Seitz, editor-in-chief at rogerebert.com, and the television critic for NYMag.com. 

Lakeshore Records is pleased to announce our collaboration with Brian Reitzell, composer of NBC’s critically acclaimed series, Hannibal, starring Hugh Dancy, Caroline Dhavernas, Laurence Fishburne and Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter.  Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack albums for both Season One and Season Two of the TV series.  

Brian Reitzell is well known as the go-to Music Supervisor and musical collaborator on the films of Sofia Coppola such as Lost In TranslationThe Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette and The Bling Ring.  He is also known for his unique work as a composer on the film 30 Days of Night and the Starz television series Boss, featuring rare performances by Mark Holis (Talk Talk) and Jim James (My Morning Jacket) as well as a reworking of “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down” by Robert Plant and Band Of Joy. 

Lakeshore Records: Composer Brian Reitzell

In addition to his current television score work on Hannibal, Mr. Reitzell scored Watch Dogs a video game/soundtrack for Ubisoft Games, and released a solo album titled  Auto Music through Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound. 

Hannibal Season One, Volumes 1 & 2 will be available digitally on Tuesday, August 5th.  Hannibal Season Two, Volumes 1 & 2 will be released digitally on Tuesday, September 2nd, just in time for the Hannibal Season Two DVD release on Tuesday, September 9th.  CD release dates and track listings will be announced shortly!

Watch our interview with Brian Reitzell on his score for Starz’s Boss television series.

Read about more soundtrack composers on Lakeshore Records’ Composer Interviews page.

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Minnesota Public Radio Interviews Composer Brian Reitzell On ‘Hannibal’

“His skills have been enlisted by a number of modern storytellers — including filmmaker Sofia Coppola, with whom Reitzell has worked as music supervisor and composer on a number of acclaimed films. Drawing on his training in percussion and sound experimentation, Reitzell is able to evoke core elements of the human experience in ways familiar, yet altogether new.” Read the full story at Minnesota Public Radio online.

Lakeshore Records: Composer Brian Reitzell

Composer Brian Reitzell, known for his television score work in Boss (Original Television Score) — a Lakeshore Records release, as well as his music supervising for Sofia Coppola films like Lost In Translation, is currently scoring NBC’s Hannibal television series, which just renewed for a third season.

Watch the album preview for Starz’s Boss (Original Television Score):

Hannibal returns soon to NBC on Friday nights at 10/9 Central.  Watch full episodes of Hannibal at NBC.com.

Brian Reitzell’s Scoring For Hannibal Is The Greatest TV Scoring Since…

Apocalypse Weekend! A Mixtape Of 9 Must-Hear Songs For The End Of The World

What songs would you listen to if the world were coming to an end?  Inspired by this weekend’s opening of Noah, a new apocalyptic film starring Russell Crowe and directed by Darren Aronofsky, Lakeshore Records has curated a rockin’ mixtape of nine songs that will get you through just about any end-of-times.  Whether it be a zombie apocalypse or biblical destruction, we think this playlist will be an all-time great listen.

Lakeshore Records: End of the world mixtape

01. Download The Albums! Holy Sh*t by Tyler Bates (The Darkest Hour album): Download | Buy CD

02. I’m So Sick (T-Virus Remix) (Resident Evil: Extinction): Download | Buy CD

03. Slayer by Tyler Bates (Doomsday album): Download | Buy CD

04. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Boss Remix) by Robert Plant (Boss album): Download | Buy CD

05. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by Bauhaus (I Melt With You album): Download | Buy CD

06. To The End (RnR Cheryl Mix) (Underworld: Evolution album): Download | Buy CD

07. Second Sun by Greg Edmonson (Bounty Killer album): Download | Buy CD

08. You Are Gonna Die by Marc Streitenfeld (The Grey album): Download | Buy CD

09. I Melt With You 2011 (I Melt With You album): Download | Buy CD

NOAH starring Russell Crowe and directed by Darren Aronofsky, opens in theaters on Friday, March 28.

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