RAID: Call of The Arbiter – Jesper Kyd’s Score Releases Globally!

RAID: Call of the Arbiter, music composed and produced by Jesper Kyd (Assassin’s Creed) has been released digitally via Lakeshore Records!  The Kyd’s score to the 10-episode limited series dropped on YouTube earlier this summer to adoring fans of the video game, RAID: Shadow Legends.  Providing a back story to the in-game characters, fans got to experience the game in a whole new dimension as the animated series also stands apart from the game.

“[High Elves and Dark Elves] conveys what feels like a battle between its atmospheric choral sections and the orchestral swells that dominate for brief passages—there’s a push and pull between the calm and the chaotic which makes for a very compelling piece of music.” – Under The Radar

Kyd’s score is performed by the Hungarian Scoring Orchestra and Choir, giving the music its epic sound to match the adventures.

Purchase and stream the album: [Digital]

Raid: Call Of The Arbiter (Original Soundtrack)
Jesper Kyd
01. The Arbiter’s Call
02. High Elves and Dark Elves
03. Kael and Elhain
04. Athel’s Calling
05. Galek’s Story
06. Jizoh and the Spider Queen
07. Gnut Joins the Fight
08. The Ancient Guardian
09. The Demonspawn
10. Bad El Kazar
11. The Final Showdown 



Stream all 10 episodes of Raid: Call of the Arbiter now on YouTube:


Leave a comment if you’re one of the many fans who want another season of RAID: Call of the Arbiter!

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