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Swallow: Read Nathan Halpern’s IndieWire Essay On His Retro Thriller Score | Yahoo! Entertainment

The score would dial into these more stylized cinematic and sonic aesthetics of Hollywood genre filmmaking of the studio era, while at the same time making sure that the emotions and sonic style was grounded in the inner life of a nuanced, character study. – IndieWire

EMMY®-nominated Composer Nathan Halpern (Minding The Gap, One Child Nation, One & Two) shares his IndieWire Essay (via Yahoo! Entertainment) about his collaboration with Swallow Director Carlo Mirabella-Davis (Knife Point, The Swell Season), the body-horror-meets-psychological-thriller now on VOD (get it here).  Halpern provides a written visualization of how his score dials in the film’s visual aesthetics and old Hollywood callbacks.  Lakeshore Records released his score, Swallow — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, digitally on March 27, and you can listen to the album below. 


Soundtrack Available Now: [Digital]

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