Premiere: Listen To ‘The Mud’ By Steve Moore From The VFW Soundtrack, Fangoria Thriller In Theaters February 14 | Dread Central

VFW (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Steve Moore | Lakeshore Records

The score provides a driving, starkly ominous backdrop to the extreme thriller. – Dread Central

Lakeshore Records will release VFW – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring score by Steve Moore (The Mind’s Eye, Mayhem) digitally on Friday February 14, 2020.  Ahead of the album release, listen to the track, “The Mud” exclusively now at Dread Central.  Be sure to pre-order / pre-save the soundtrack now to ensure you do not miss out on the music to the “heavy metal sensory assault” (Bloody Disgusting) from the good folks of Fangoria Presents!  See links and more below.

Pre-order / Pre-save The Album: [Digital]    

VFW (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 
Steve Moore  

  1. Opening
  2. Is it Real?
  3. Montage
  4. Do What You Gotta Do
  5. Run Lizard Run
  6. Axe Attack
  7. Hey Punk
  8. While the Larger Force Regroups
  9. Alive
  10. Now the Girl Talks
  11. Enough to Kill the Kid Over
  12. 12. The Mud
  13. 13. I Think We’re Gonna be Fine
  14. 14. Walk it Off
  15. 15. One More For the Road
  16. 16. Let’s Make a Deal
  17. 17. There’s No Negotiating
  18. 18. Fire it Up
  19. 19. Follow My Lead
  20. 20. Hello Fred
  21. 21. Murder is Subjective
  22. 22. Nobody’s Gonna Take this Ridge
  23. 23. The Deuce and a Half
  24. 24. I Like This Place
  25. 25. End of the Line
  26. 26. Happy Birthday Old Man
  27. End Credits


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