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Lodge 49 Soundtrack | Lakeshore Records

Gentle and calming yet faintly otherworldly, the two-minute track plays something like a psychedelic folk lullaby. – Under The Radar

Ahead of the album release of Lodge 49 (Original Series Soundtrack) on Lakeshore Records, listen to the track, “Follow Me To The Golden Gate” by series composer Andrew Carroll and featuring vocals by Juliana Giraffe of the band Midnight Sister.  The album also features songs by The Squires, The Superimposers, Sid Bradley, The Soundcarriers, Gloria, Greg Foat, John Myrtle, Round House, Eric Allan Kramer, Lilys, and Susy Kane. 

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Lodge 49 (Original Series Soundtrack)
Various Artists

01. Title Theme (I lift My Lamp Beside The Golden Door!) – Andrew Carroll
02. Going All the Way – The Squires
03. Chasing the Tide – The Superimposers
04. Child of The Sea – Sid Bradley
05. I Was Spinning – Andrew Carroll
06. The Seventh Seal – The Soundcarriers
07. Beam Me Up – Gloria
08. Dark Is the Sun (The Lodge Waltz) – Greg Foat
09. The World Will Keep Spinning Round – John Myrtle
10. Follow Me To The Golden Gate – Andrew Carroll
11. Alchemy Is Good For You (Don’t You Know It) – Round House
12. Desert Stars – Eric Allan Kramer
13. A Message Pts 1 & 2 – Andrew Carroll
14. Unheard of Curiosities – Lilys
15. Nature Boy – Susy Kane


Seasons 2 of Lodge 49 dropped over the summer.  Watch 10 full episodes at AMC online (no login required).


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