New Soundtrack: PJ Harvey Releases New ‘All About Eve’ EP Featuring Previously Unreleased Piano Demos + New Vinyl

Invada Records and Lakeshore Records are thrilled to release a new All About Eve EP, featuring original music by PJ Harvey!  The 3-track EP features three new never before released tracks comprising of demo versions of “The Sandman”, “The Moth” and “The Sandman” – a remix version by the stage play’s sound designer, Tom Gibbons. 

And with the release comes the vinyl edition of the 12-track previously-released score album to All About Eve (Original Music) out now via our friends and partners at Invada Records!  It’s been listed on The Vinyl Factory’s The 10 Best New Vinyl Releases This Week.

The music is suitably atmospheric and reflective, built on a bed of soaring strings and plaintive minor turns. It features the added joy of two songs written and performed by the play’s leads, with Gillian Anderson channeling Elizabeth Fraser on the haunting lullaby ‘The Sandman’. – The Vinyl Factory

Keep reading for more about these new releases.

The new All About Eve EP is out now on Invada Records and Lakeshore Records: [Download/Listen][Order Vinyl]


The previously released  All About Eve (Original Music) 13-track score album is out now on Invada and Lakeshore Records here: [Download/Listen]


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