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Premiere: Listen To The Debut Track From Forthcoming Haxan Original Motion Picture Rescore By Cemetery Gates | Destroy//Exist

Sinister, nightmarish and up to par with the film’s otherworldly nature, the fantastic new score Cemetery Gates came up with is being introduced with a five-minute, hair-raising, synth-heavy cut, The Devil Fulfills Her Wishes – Destroy//Exist

Ahead of the forthcoming release of Cemetery Gates’ Haxan (Original Motion Picture Rescore), listen to “The Devil Fulfills Her Wishes” exclusively now at Destroy//ExistLakeshore Records will release the soundtrack digitally worldwide on Friday, October 11.  See the full album track list below.

Pre-order The Album: [Download/Listen][Pre-save on Spotify]

Stream the original 1922 horror film now on iTunes Movies and Prime Video.

(Original Motion Picture Rescore)
Music by Cemetery Gates

01. Häxan (Main Theme)
02. The Universe
03. Hell
04. As Above, So Below
05. Home Of The Witch
06. Love Potion
07. A Lover And A Knight
08. The Devil Fulfills Her Wishes
09. The Witch Trials Begin
10. Before She Turns Us Into Mice
11. The Accused
12. Witches Gathering
13. The Devil’s Mark
14. The Haunted House
15. The Witch Test
16. The Confessions
17. Seized by Insanity
18. Old Superstitions
19. The Somnambulist
20. Kleptomania
21. Häxan (Closing Theme)

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