Interview: Composers Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Explain The Stranger Things 3 Album! | MixMag

Finding a perfect sweet spot between ’80s nostalgia and modern, spectral synth work, Dixon and Stein’s score for Stranger Things has played an integral role in the show’s popularity. The theme song has been subject to countless YouTube covers, was rapped over by Wiz Khalifa and remixed by prominent artists like deadmau5, Louis Futon, C418 and What So Not. – MixMag

Check out this interview with Stranger Things Season series composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who spoke to MixMag shortly before the Season 3 premiere.  The EMMY®-winning and GRAMMY®-nominated duo explain how this season’s score is different than the previous, what was the selection process behind which cues belonged on the Stranger Things 3 Album, and more!  Also, let us know if you spot Kyle and Michael on the show as they have a cameo.  Read the full interview here at MixMag.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3 is now streaming only on Netflix!
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