New Soundtracks: The Wind, Halt And Catch Fire Volume 2, It’s A Hard Truth Ain’t It

This week, we’re thrilled to release new soundtracks from Ben Lovett for horror western The Wind film (in theaters now), Paul Haslinger’s second volume of score for the hit AMC drama series Halt And Catch Fire and Andrew Hollander for HBO’s It’s A Hard Truth Ain’t It documentary. See links and listen below!

THE WIND – [Download/Listen]
Score by Ben Lovett.

Lovett’s score is a major factor in establishing the unshakable dread associated with the evil haunting the land… Provides one bone-chilling jolt after the next. – Collider

“Demons of the Prairie” isn’t the type of song that is going to leave you with a sense of calm and joy. Nope. The song is tense, exciting, and most definitely terrifying. – Charles Barfield, The Playlist

Slowly builds transitions from beauty to beast. Strings open the track, moving from hypnotic stutters to subtly eerie moments before fully embracing the darkness, discordant melodies clashing against each other. – Jonathan Barkan, Dread Central

Whether it’s synthesizers or orchestras, Ben Lovett is a master at helping to tell stories through music. Lovett’s latest score, for Emma Tammi’s supernatural western The Wind, is a testament to his ingenuity. – Vehlinggo

Lakeshore Records adds another Ben Lovett score to its horror soundtrack catalog in the latest: The Wind, the new IFC Midnight horror western in theaters this weekend. We dare you to listen to this score alone in a cabin (or a reasonable facsimile).

HALT AND CATCH FIRE VOLUME 2 – [Download/Listen]
Score by Paul Haslinger.

Paul Haslinger’s hypnotic synth score for AMC’s erstwhile masterpiece TV drama Halt and Catch Fire is an evocative and nuanced body of work that references his Tangerine Dream past to help tell the fascinating story of the early tech boom of the 1980s and 1990s. – Vehlinggo

“Appropriately synth heavy drawing on his past contributions to Tangerine Dream” The Vinyl Factory

The Peabody Award®-nominated AMC series Halt And Catch Fire which takes place during the rise of the PC era features score by Paul Haslinger, a former member of the band Tangerine Dream. Lakeshore Records previously released the first volume of the series score including a separate various artists album comprised of featured songs from all four seasons.

The soundtrack is out now digitally and on CD. A vinyl edition is coming April 13 as a Record Store Day UK exclusive via Fire Records.

Fans who want to revisit all four seasons of the beloved hit drama can stream the entire series now on Netflix or purchase all seasons digitally on VOD platforms such as iTunes.

IT’S A HARD TRUTH AIN’T IT – [Download/Listen]
Score by Andrew Hollander.

Sackler shot this documentary at the same time she was shooting O.G. at the prison, but thankfully she didn’t try to do a “making of” film. In fact, if you just watched It’s A Hard Truth, Ain’t It and didn’t see O.G., you’d have no clue that a motion picture was being shot at the same time as the documentary. Sackler does a great job of keeping the focus on the inmates and giving them the space to tell their stories. – Decider

Groundbreaking – IndieWire

It’s A Hard Truth Ain’t It is a companion documentary to the narrative film, O.G. (also on HBO) and features score by Andrew Hollander (My Friend Dahmer).

A uniquely gifted film composer, songwriter, and producer, Hollander has composed scores for many award-winning films, including Adrienne Shelly’s Waitress (Fox Searchlight) starring Keri Russell and Cheryl Hines. In addition to composing the score, he and Shelly co-wrote Baby Don’t You Cry (The Pie Song), both of which were short-listed for the Academy Award.

Hollander also composed the score for Mike Birbiglia’s critically-acclaimed and Sundance Audience Award-winning film Sleepwalk With Me and My Friend Dahmer, starring Anne Heche and Dallas Roberts. One of the best-reviewed films of 2017, Variety called My Friend Dammer “disturbingly compelling and original: a humanizing dissection of teen psychosis” while Rolling Stone declared it “a warped wonder of a movie”. The Hollywood Reporter praised Hollander’s score saying it “deepened the sense of dread” in a film that is “one of the most disturbing coming-of-age features in recent memory” and “an experience not easily shaken”.

IT’S A HARD TRUTH AIN’T IT, now streaming on HBO Now.

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