Review: Sarah Schachner’s Score To Blockbuster Anthem Video Game | A Closer Listen

Surpassing 80 minutes, its score is a grand orchestral set with electronic incursions that evoke the sci-fi elements of the game’s world. So far so expected. But there are more ~ and surprising ~ elements fused into the bodies of these pieces that make them well worth a listen. – A Closer Listen

Music discovery and review site A Closer Listen shines a spotlight on Sarah Schachner’s epic score to Anthem, the blockbuster new video game from EA Games / BioWare! The album review of one of the most exciting new video game soundtrack releases of the year might just trigger a repeat listen as you compare notes on the individual tracks called out in the piece. Plus, you might find a bonus bit of video game soundtrack news if you scroll to the very end. Read it now at A Closer Listen. What’s your favorite part of the Anthem soundtrack?

In partnership with EA Games, Lakeshore Records has released the video game soundtrack, available now digitally worldwide!

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Anthem, from its inception, has always been something that we wanted to be very different from a Dragon Age or Mass Effect or even Baldur’s Gate.” It began, he says, with a question: “How do you tell a story, how do you have an amazing game, in a cooperative space where your friends are telling the story with you?”

Play Anthem now at Anthem online.

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