‘Lost In Space’ Comes To Vinyl, Score by Christopher Lennertz! | Den Of Geek

Naturally the vinyl, itself, is quite cool and in keeping with the show’s futuristic aesthetic. – Den of Geek 

Lakeshore Records is thrilled to be releasing Christopher Lennertz’s Lost in Space soundtrack on vinyl for the very first time!  The pressing will come in “Alien Space Swirl Purple” and will hit shelves in November.  The record features 22 tracks from the Season 1 score.  See the review and album spread over at Den of Geek! See the side splits below.

Pre-order The Album Here: [Webshop]

Side 1

1. Main Titles
2. Crash Landing
3. Will Exploring
4. Moby Dick
5. Will and the Robot

Side 2

6. Danger Will Robinson
7. Family Chores Fugue
8. To The Chariot
9. Smith / The Forest
10. Dump The Fuel

Side 3

11. Flowers / Father and Son
12. Waterfall
13. Illumination
14. Maureen at Work
15. Maureen Flies (feat. Lisbeth Scott)
16. Race The Minefield

Side 4

17. Ultimate Sacrifice
18. Here We Go
19. Saying Goodbye
20. Alien Ship
21. The Resolute
22. End Credits


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