An Interview With ‘My Friend Dahmer’ Composer Andrew Hollander | Musique Fantastique

What is it like to create music for a film that follows the nuanced origin story of a serial killer? Enter composer Andrew Hollander (WAITRESS, SLEEPWALK WITH ME, SERIOUS MOONLIGHT) who was tasked with the unique opportunity to really get inside Dahmer’s head and soundtrack his young life.

Get to know Andrew Hollander, the composer of My Friend Dahmer!  In this new interview, Musique Fantastique gets inside Andrew’s head to learn about what it’s like to compose for a period biopic about the early years of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.  The Hollywood Reporter says My Friend Dammer is “one of the most disturbing coming-of-age features in memory. But it’s also exceptionally moving.”  keep reading to where you can watch the film now.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

FilmRise presents MY FRIEND DAHMER, available now on Digital (get it on iTunes) and Blu-ray/DVD (order here).


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