‘The Ritual’ Soundtrack: Preview The Score By Ben Lovett, David Bruckner Horror Film Debuts February 9 on Netflix

Preview The Ritual soundtrack featuring score by Ben Lovett (American Folk, Synchronicity, The Signal). The album is set to release the day of the film’s Netflix premiere on February 9.  Listen to album below.  David Bruckner’s The Ritual movie has been said to look “like it will be one of the most unsettling films of its kind in a long time,” (Dread Central) so be sure to add this to your Watch List now on Netflix!

In order for many horror films to evoke any sense of fear, they’ve got to have a score that worms its way under my skin, seeping its way through my fingernails and coursing along my skeleton until it wraps itself around my skull. That’s why I was so interested in chatting with composer Ben Lovett about his compositions for the film. – Jonathan Barkan, Dread Central


Pre-order The Album: [iTunes]

The Ritual (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01. Four Tents
02. The Ritual
03. Mates
04. Stalker
05. King’s Trail
06. Through The Trees
07. Search For Hutch
08. Dread
09. Piggyback
10. I Can See The End
11. Effigy
12. Malevolent Presence
13. To Hell With This
14. We Worship It
15. Wrong Turns
16. Burning House
17. Fear God
18. Monsters

THE RITUAL premieres February 9 on Netflix.


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