S.T.R.S.G.N: ‘Beyond’ Album Set To Satisfy Your Retro Synth Cinematic Music Cravings On February 2

S.T.R.S.G.N is the moniker of Stewart Hamilton, an electronic music composer and producer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Stewart has been making music in various guises for the past 17 years and motivated by his love of cinema, has focussed on creating music inspired by film and TV for the past five years.  Lakeshore Records will release his latest album, BEYOND, available digitally on all digital service providers on Friday, February 2.  Keep reading to see the full track list and learn more about the album.

S.T.R.S.G.N on Bandcamp


01. Dominion
02. Elena
03. Moonlight
04. Reflection
05. Beyond
06. Will
07. Drawn to the Evil
08. Torchlight
09. He’s the One
10. Full Eclipse
11. Discovery on Route 26
12. Pillars of Heaven
13. Stalker
14. Main Theme (from The Telling)
15. The End (from The Seeker)
‘Beyond’ combines S.T.R.S.G.N’s love of horror, science fiction and crime/thriller soundtracks from the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s with his own personal style and signature. While ‘Beyond’ focusses primarily on synthesizer-based themes, the album also explores orchestral sounds with tracks like ‘The Telling – Main theme’ and understated minimalism on tracks like ‘Reflection’. Being a child of the 1980’s, S.T.R.S.G.N’s tracks feel like they have been transported directly from this era, rather than being rehashed for today. By his own admission, S.T.R.S.G.N’s strength may not lie in infinitely detailed or obsessive production design, but in his ability to translate raw ideas and emotions through his choice of sounds and arrangements.

‘Beyond’ repackages and remasters, S.T.R.S.G.N’s EPs (‘Beyond’, ‘C is for Carpenter’ and ‘Manhunter’) and adds previously unreleased and unheard original tracks.

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